I am Woman


I am velvet and steel

I am longing and desire made real

I am passion passion burning bright

Inspiration setting ablaze the night

I am the story that reads resilience

Tales of courage overcoming mountains of resistance

Mine is the yoniverse, bearing and nurturing life to the full

“Fragile” is not my name, Unbroken I am in days dark and cruel

Your “Rescue” I do not require, your pedestal will not be my cage

Many a hell bears my footprint and I have weathered many a storm’s rage

I am the architect of a lot of victory and the catalyst of downfalls more

So woe to you systems that would muzzle me, I will dance on your corpses till my feet ring sore

I am the Eagle, the Albatross. All of Life is my sky

Look for another to sing for your pleasure; This bird is made to fly


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