I will not be shamed into the wrong things


I have come to a point in my life where I don’t allow anybody to offer me insecurity or pressure me to do just anything to make money. I will not be shamed into the wrong things. Sometimes it is not even the smartest that become rich or sustain wealth. Life happens to everybody. I have seen people fall from exalted positions and become nobodies.

Some weeks ago we lost a bank manager, who committed suicide because he gave out loans which the debtor refused to service. Somebody somewhere must have been seeing him and wishing to be in his position. Unfortunately, everybody has challenges. Your own might not be mine but we all have our peculiar challenges. Nobody shames me. I don’t envy anybody. I desire all the good things of life, but I won’t lose my life in my bid to get them. I will always make do with whatever I have, while I work towards getting others.

riches (I will not be shamed into the wrong things)

I don’t own a car, I haven’t built a house, I live in rented apartment. Coman and beat me! I have age mates who have all these and more, good for them. I have never traveled outside Nigeria. I have learnt to master my level in life. Last year I asked a lady out, and she turned me down stating that I was broke. I just said thank you and moved on. I am not one that you can shame into doing illegality.

Eet ees not me!

Naturally that should have motivated me to start doing things out of the natural to hit it big. A friend invited me to a church program where I saw young Igbo guys doing wonders with money. I mean, they were throwing money about as if it were sachets of pure water.
Then he said “Victor, see what your mates are doing” I laughed and told him that we were not mates. Nobody is my mate. My mates died on the day I fertilized my mothers eggs. Those were my real mates.
I don’t hate.

I am also not one to start saying, “errrmm…..do you know what he/she did to get that money?” I just made up my mind to work at my own pace and make the much needed impact. I may not have billions but I sure can motivate those with billions to do more for humanity. As a matter of fact money isn’t the only thing humanity needs. Money is just a medium of exchange. Money is nothing without the power we give to it. Some people are so poor that all they have is money, I don’t want to be like that.

poor (I will not be shamed into the wrong things)

When people embark on conscienceless quests for money, what is their motivation?
For a man, cars, houses, respect, women?
How many women can you have at once?
How many cars can you drive at a time?
How many houses can you live in?

Acquiring money isn’t bad but you need to know the purpose of wealth to avoid abusing it.
When I look around, I see a lot of people abusing their wealth because they don’t know the purpose of wealth. I tell you a truth, I DON’T WANT ANY WEALTH THAT WILL REQUIRE THE LIFE OF ANOTHER HUMAN FROM ME. The purpose of wealth is to add value to humanity, if I need to hurt someone else before getting my wealth, then I don’t need it. Unfortunately, most people have got their wealth from hurting other people, in ways you can never imagine. Pressure from family, church, peers, society etc makes people do illegal things just to have a sense of belonging. Ogbeni I don’t want to belong to you! Keep your association. Thenkiu!

Recently we have seen guys who were executed for trafficking drugs in Asian countries. To what end?Why do you have to engage in such trade? We can not fault the Asians for their laws. Laws are made for the common good of the people whose conducts it regulates. Except you haven’t seen what harm drugs can do to people. A nation decides that they don’t want you to peddle something that can damage the lives of her citizens, how can that be wrong? If you take drugs to Asia, you are looking for trouble, and trouble you would get. I don’t have sympathy for guys who go and get caught. Call me insensitive. There are better ways to earn money. It is never a crime to start small.

Start small and stay away from people who would pressure you. People are surviving in this country without doing illegality. There is dignity in honest labour. I have always said it that you should never be consumed with the desire to make money just to show off. If that is your only motivation, you have no business making money.

In my first year in the university, I lived with an aunty who is a banker. One of the things she told me was never to be under pressure to meet my family’s demands. She told me to live, one day at a time. I should give what I can but never to do illegality because I want to adjudged as an illustrious son. I made up my mind never to be a burnt offering for anybody. Even my family people know that.
I have traveled home at some point and my mom was like, “Nnaa! Last month Nnamdi the son of Obiukwu bought a car for his mother.” I just smiled and said that was beautiful; turned to her and said “Nnee wait for your turn inugo.” They know me. If you dare put any kind of pressure on me, I will disconnect from you.

One of the things I discovered about myself is that I am an extremist. So I consciously focus myself on positive things, which is one of the reasons I didn’t become a cultist on campus. I would have been very brutal. So I don’t like people trying to pressure me into something.  I am not competing with anybody.
Even the most foolish man in the christian bible, Solomon, discovered in the long run that having it all isn’t always the key to happiness. Of course there is nothing wise about a man with 1000 women in his life.

Live your life for you, don’t do evil because you want to please anybody.
Family can always do without you. Forget all those things you feel about your family depending on you, forget it. Bro just die and see that they will keep living. The world can always do without you.

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