If You Look ‘Jihad-ish’, Don’t Build A Clock (I think that’s the moral of the story)


Ahmed Mohamed, son of two Sudanese immigrants, thought it would be a great idea to put his inventive mind to the test and so he decided to build a home-made clock and take it to school to impress his teachers and fellow students alike.

Except, of course, he forgot that he lived in Texas, had the wrong name and entirely the wrong colour for such shenanigans.

Before he could say “I am not related to Osama Bin Laden!”, the police were called, the young man was handcuffed, and then taken down to the police station after being accused of creating a bomb hoax.

The police have said he would not be charged, while refusing to answer questions as to whether he was arrested due to his colour. I don’t even know who is asking these silly questions. He’s just lucky he isn’t a few shades darker and it wasn’t a pack of Skittles or something. But I digress.

Luckily for young Ahmed, something good has come out of all this however, as news of his harsh treatment has reached the White House and he’s been invited to come show his brilliant invention.

How many children does Obama have to personally save though? And what happens in a few months when it will inevitably be a White person in the White House again? (Unless Kanye wins, in which case, they’ll have even bigger problems than clock bombs!)

In a video posted on the newspaper’s website, Ahmed described how he is taken from school by the police. “They took me to a room filled with five officers,” he said. “They interrogated me, and searched through my stuff and took my tablet and my invention.”

He said he was fingerprinted, and mug shots were taken at a juvenile detention centre. He was not allowed to call his parents but was released when they came to get him.


 A 14 year old, ‘Murika! You don’t allow an otherwise brilliant and calm student to call his parents??

The clock had a digital display, built into a metal case with a circuit board. Then the police released a picture of The Clock Bomb:

Riiiight. I like how they released this picture like “Duh…what would you have done if you were us??” How very Homer Simpson. Like the boy came to school with his project in this vandalised state and wires and cables trailing out of it? Is this not what it would have looked like after a ‘thorough investigation’?

On Wednesday, the Irving police chief, Larry Boyd, said the police were justified in detaining the teenager based on the information they had at the time, when initially it was “not immediately evident that it was the experiment.”

Just…goats. So it looked more like a bomb than a high school project. Una papa.

Twitterati came out in defence of young Ahmed, everybody carrying their own clocks, and yet…managing to look spectacularly non-threatening. Must have been that nice tone of White Privilege they had going on…

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