IGP and EFCC Chairman Viral Videos: Lessons on 2019 and the Leadership Nigeria Deserves

IGP Nigeria -Transmission

I once served in a government ministry. The head of my department then suddenly got appointed after a month of me serving temporarily as the only member of the Planning, Research and Statistics department.

The director who was appointed could pass off as a crĂšche Nanny. She knew nothing about the tiniest details of budget and reporting, she was basically clueless.

Good thing was that she expressed a willingness to learn as a new director, although I could never reconcile how a youth corps member had to be teaching a Director the rudiments of her job description and even how to use a computer.

I just saw Ibrahim Magu’s video, I tried to muster a laugh, but I couldn’t.

How could I have laughed when our EFCC chairman cannot differentiate between the institutionalisation of fight against corruption and building new apartments for staff to occupy. A basic question that should easily prove that an appointed officer of his level had at least some elementary education, rather, that became his albatross on national television. It was just a colossal mess to watch.

The IGP on his part was diagnosed of dyslexia by concerned citizens of Nigeria. Funny. It is clear some of us don’t know that in normal countries, if you are diagnosed with double vision, dyslexia, and similar likes that impede function, you will not be allowed to work in any security agency?

Apparently, we should just agree that a dyslexic has been dishing out the orders for all of Nigeria’s police for the past few years??

No wonder things have been having strange transmissions.

I can’t wait for the power company (NEPA) to show us what is wrong with them. At least now we are seeing gradually what is wrong with security in the country.

The next question one must ask is, “if these security parastatals are led by people with so much intellectual challenge, defect or disturbance, who employed them?”

How exactly is power distributed in the country, such that only the crop of people going through so much challenges in their health and mental capacity are ruling us. Is it that these challenged people, despite their weaknesses, which I am strongly trying to empathise with, despite their dyslexia and “institutional imbalance,” are appointed by someone who finds them favourable above every other able-bodied human living in Nigeria?

If this is the case, can we say the person distributing power and positions in Nigeria is also dyslexic? If there is any way to excuse these malfunctions, it must mean that there are no other humans in the whole of Nigeria that can do the job of these people?

In 2019, we must not undermine sense, school certificate, people who can talk and articulate their challenges. The bulk of a leader’s job is think, write, attend meetings, dish out orders and appear on TV. If you can’t deliver these basics, then why should anyone expect you to even know where the next police patrol should be deployed and what combat strategy they need?

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