I’m glad British Airways stewardess got sacked but I’m a Virgin kinda guy


I can’t believe any well travelled Nigerian will try to make a case for the sacked British Airways stewardess accused of making a racist video.

That is even scratching the surface.

Orisirisi stories abound of how BA staff treats us like dirt, but I can’t be bothered.

Me I no dey enter them plane go Naija again o.

The yèyé glorified house girls wee now be counting how many bottles of wine I have drank. Can you imagine?

Me that I drink like fish, I paid £930 for ticket and you will now be dragging 2 tiny bottles of wine with me! 😩😩😩

I heard the sacked girl is 23 years old. It is even an abnormally; most of the stewardesses they second to the Nigeria route are usually 70 year old witches with fangs and makeup that will put Fela Kuti’s dancers to shame.

Aah I trust Virgin Atlantic!
Their short skirts are as short as kilode!

Red wine? What are you talking!

By the time I get to Lagos like this, hmmm, two stewardesses will have to carry me off the plane, one for arms, the other carrying my legs.

And I wee haff their phone numbers in my pocket.

Gimme Virgin anytime.

…. I mean Virgin Atlantic o. 😂😂😂

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