Inusa Saidu Biu is a dangerous threat we MUST take serious

Inusa Saidu Biu vows to kill 200 Nigerians

Yesterday, a ‘Sai Barbarian’, who dangerously doubles as a mobile police officer, Inusa Saidu Biu, vowed to kill 200 Nigerians if President Muhammadu Buhari dies. And, we are here to state that we shouldn’t take that threat with kid gloves.

Any Nigerian with a working memory should know that when you have an admixture of an average and typically psychosomatic Nigerian police officer, with a firearm and with a spoonful of hero-worship together, that’s danger on two legs which shouldn’t be dillydallied with – and shockingly, this is what we have right before our eyes in Inusa Saidu Biu.

Inusa wrote via his Facebook account:

“After they poisoned him, God did not let him die; Buhari cat with nine lives. Now they want you to resign so that they will continue to steal our yam?
No way, your enemies will die like mosquitoes before you including those who are commenting negatively. Shege yan buro uba, zamu ci uwar ku. If Buhari dies, I promise to kill 200 people.”

Thankfully, Nigerians have responded well raising awareness about this danger on all fronts, but, this post is to let the morale fanning this awareness kick in better. Trust us, Inusa is not kidding, so, neither should we in any way. We must not stop talking until Inusa Saidu Biu is caught, tied, and put behind bars for good.

A statement signed by the Force Police Relations Officer, Jomoh Moshood, reads, “RE – POLICEMAN THREATENS TO KILL 200 NIGERIANS IF BUHARI DIES.

“The Nigeria Police Force has commenced investigation into the unfortunate Personal comments made by the alleged Police officer named Inusa Saidu Biu on his Facebook account.

“Police officers are not to make unauthorized public comments.”

This is encouraging, but we should know that Inusa is worse that Immanuel aka, ‘catch them young’. So, if we could ensure that Immanuel starts teaching his grammar under one tent somewhere away from young girls, then, nothing, not getting tired, should stop a relentless call for a bestial Inusa to be locked up, away from human beings.

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  1. Just look at his face. He is one of the buhari boko haram boys conscripted into our armed forces. God will ease him off. I can kill this guy if I see him. Forget about his status as a mopol. I can conveniently kill him. He had murdered many southerners and christians by his statement.

  2. Its A Useless Coutry Where Animals Are Gloryfied Since Hes Hausa Anything Goes Bcs Of Foolishness Theyv Invented To The Country With Their Senselesnes, Bur Were It To Be Igbo Or Yoruba They Will Be Arested, They Stupid People Thay Ought To Be Alone And Does Wat They Like To Themselves.

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