Irvin Randle: the fiercely fine grandpa who became an internet sensation!

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First we had Felon Bae (remember him?), then we had Maths Bae – Pietro Boselli, the maths teacher who made students want to return to class again. Now we have Grandpa Bae aka @MrStealUrGrandma, and I’m telling you, grey hair never looked so good! Irvin Randle lives that we might have hope, that we might not ignore Silver Foxes, that we might catch that little gasp in our throats once again!

It’s not just that he’s handsome in a wholesome way, but he makes our hearts flush with his advice. And he’s a primary school teacher. Gosh, hormones are spilling and ovaries are clapping all over Social Media! We all knew Felon Bae was bad for us, and we couldn’t all get behind Maths Bae because Maths. But a beautiful Black man who teaches children and tells us to exercise and live right? Yum!

Irvin Randle School teacher


I mean! What’s not to like, right??

Irvin Randle Exercise


Add the fact that he ain’t scared of these young guns trying to rain on his parade makes him even hotter! We’re here for Papa Randle!

©Facebook|Irvin Randle Gay Rumours


Y’all see Papa Irvin Randle handling business, right? Subbing the men and reminding the ladies to focus on the matter at hand? Go, Daddy!!!

The craze is now so red hot that we have women photoshopping themselves into his pictures. Oh, and these aren’t grandmas we’re talking about either!

©Facebook|Irvin Randle and Photoshop Girl


Toh. And Naira being what it is against the dollar, the Nigerian offerings are not that great either:

Naira and Irvin Randle


And Mr Ibu??? 😆 😆 😆

©Facebook|Irvin Randle Mr Ibu


Anyway, let’s stop playin’ witchus and give you something you can get behind on this holy day:

Irvin Randle -6

Irvin Randle -7

Irvin Randle -8















©Facebook|Irvin Randle -9
Without exception, our favourite Irvin Randle picture!!!

Irvin Randle -10

Irvin Randle -1

©Facebook|Irvin Randle and son
Irvin Randle and son – young ladies, act like you know!!!!!

Irvin Randle -2

Irvin Randle -3

©Facebook|Irvin Randle -4

©Facebook|Irvin Randle -5


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