It is all discrimination


Sometime earlier this year, I got chatting with a young Nigerian man who works at my former place of work. We used to talk during our break times, and after work. Talks led to another, and one day, he started telling me about the Osu caste thing in Igbo land.

He told me he was what the Igbos refer to as Osu. He told me how the family of the girl he was in love with rejected him as soon as they got to know that he was an Osu. They had to break up the relationship after 2years. He said the lady is now married.

I felt really sorry for him. I mean, why should such nonsense like Osu system still be a thing at all in 2017? Makes no sense to me.

He then told me how he started work and was inducted same day with our supervisor. But because of institutional racism, the supervisor who is a white woman was promoted and he wasn’t. So bad that she is now his supervisor.

Then on a different day, he read one of my Facebook posts. After work that day, he offered to drop me off. On our way home, he raised the topic of my Facebook post and started telling me how feminism was ungodly. How women can never be equal to men. How God made it that way that men will be ahead of women. He also told me to stop my gender equality campaign on Facebook so that I won’t incur the wrath of God.

When we got to my house, I didn’t jump down immediately, I wanted to “lecture” him. I sat in his car and told him how indeed he is a SLAVE, and an Osu who is an inferior human and not deserving of a “free born” woman as a wife. I told him that the girl he wanted to marry and her family made the wise choice by not letting him marry her. I told him that even the Bible supports slavery, and God made it so. I told him that for as long as he lives as an Osu, he was going to remain a slave in his homeland, the whole of Igbo land, and the whole of Nigeria.

I also told him that he was stupid to think that he was deserving of same promotion with his very black skin. That as a white woman, our supervisor was superior to him, and was destined to be his head. That his black skin makes him inferior.

He allowed me rant till I reached my full-stop. Then he wanted to begin to lecture me why racism and Osu system are discriminatory.

Then I cut him short and said  “For someone who has lived his life experiencing discrimination both as an Osu and a black man living in a white dominated country, you should be empathetic of other discriminated groups. You sit your ass there telling me that you are superior to me because you’ve got a penis and I’ve got a vagina, and you want me to believe you are not an Osu slave and a human whose skin is too black to get all he deserves?”.

Well, I asked him not to talk to me again, that I don’t like talking to Osu people, because Osu people are slaves, and I’m superior to slaves.

I left his car, and walked into my house feeling so proud of myself.

He sent me a text telling me that he was hurt that I referred to him as a slave, who was inferior. I replied the text telling him that I was hurt that he told me that I’m inferior to about 51% of the world’s population.

I’m still angry that I forgot to add “Idiot” to my reply of his text. But I’m still proud of myself for the way I handled this situation. I deserve a round of applause, a kiss from a hot guy, and a Samsung Galaxy Note 8

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