Jesus loves bread and so do I

Enjoy some bread this easter

Enjoy some bread this Easter

So some time ago a delightful friend of mine  announced that she has been avoiding bread because reasons.

Now that got me a little curious and I did a quick google search and it appears that some “people” are actually saying that bread is (ahem) “bad for me”

“Laughs in German”

Oga Dokita, oya come let me tell you about a certain Jesus Christ

According to the scriptures, Jesus loved bread sote that even before He submitted Himself to die, He still ordered for bread. Na bread full Him belle as dem dey beat am. Na bread dey Him belle as dem crucify kill am. Not rice, Not Indomie. BREAD!

In fact, when He rose from the dead and went to see His gone-a-fishing disciples, what food did they find Him making for them? BREAD!

Enjoy some bread this easter

In fact His love for bread was so much that He would use bread to describe Himself.  Does “I am the bread of life” ring a bell?

Me I want to be like Jesus o! I want to be thoroughly like Him sef! So biko make dem free me and allow me enjoy my bread eating ministry or what do they expect me to be eating my daily (except on Sunday) Ewa Agonyin with? 


Mstchewwwww! Berra eat some bread and feel alright

Happy Easter jare!

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