Joe got my ovaries overexcited with new track ‘So I Can Have You Back’!

Joe - So I Can Have You Back

I swear, today, I was going to do an Olympic men’s version of #ManCrushMonday. You know, get into the whole sporting spirit. Get into the nobility of sports and what these people must have sacrificed to get to where they are today in their profession.

But Joe Thomas wouldn’t let me be great. Joe came with his song ‘So I Can Have You Back‘ and he melted my heart. And now I am here Googling this man’s marital statement and how much would a flight to the States would cost. Because it has been many years, but Joe still brings out the goosebumps.

Bololo is Back And Badder Than Before!

©YouTube|Joe So I Can Have You Back 1

Let me start by saying Joe ain’t right. He ain’t never been right. He’s always trying to take some other man’s girl or singing about how he messed up before and wants a second (third?) chance. Joe is all types of wrong. But he does it in such a silken voice, how could you resist?

I don’t know if he has lived a good life, but this man will still struggle to make heaven. Because he has been responsible for so much heartache, make-ups, break-ups and illegal belle that he simply has to take responsibility for at some point.

So I Can Have You Back

This new track is no different. Joe has messed up and lost a good girl. Now she’s with someone else and Baddosky is praying that the new bobo messes up and he can get her back. Typical Joe, but perfection all the same.

Ain’t it funny the way you will be praying for your relationship to work and people will be praying that it doesn’t? Hmmm….world people!

But when Joe says:

I hope he makes the biggest mistake
The unforgivable that makes your heart break
I hope you tell him “sorry is just not enough”
And it goes from good to bad, so I can have you back.

It’s hard to stay mad. I love Joe. I love this song. And I so hope you will agree.

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