John Oliver launches #MakeDonaldDrumpfAgain, annihilates ‘serial liar’ Trump

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There’s no denying that the Trump campaign started as a bit of a joke, a little bit of comic relief in the high stakes of who will become the leader of the free world. Sort of like those X-Factor auditions nestled between the real hopefuls that are so hilariously bad but you live for anyway.

Over time though, the dangerous Trump rise to becoming the likely Republican candidate and possibly the next president of America has certainly given us here at Viva Naija a lot of cause for worry, so it is a good thing that John Oliver, host of the Last Week Tonight show ripped him apart on air a few nights ago and launched the hashtag #MakeDonaldDrumpfAgain.

You may ask: wetin consine a Naija blog based in the UK with what they’re doing in America? Well, the answer is this: anything that America does affects the entire world. If Donald Trump ever becomes the president, his opinions and wild blustering which seem so entertaining will become policy. There will be chaos, anarchy and a whole lot more deaths than we have now.

Because the truth of the matter is that Trumps is a bullshit merchant. His campaign has no discernible policy or backbone and those that he has been able to articulate – from racial slurs, support from Ku Klux Klan, misogynistic comments, and fantasies of sleeping with his own daughter – are nothing short of the words of a megalomanic dunce.

Why #MakeDonaldDrumpfAgain Is Important

In this twenty minute segment, John Oliver tears apart every single myth supporters might hold about Trump – that he is self-funded (he has received over $7m in campaign money gifts and has ‘loaned’ his campaign $15m of his own money, meaning he will recollect at the end of it); that he is a successful businessman (most of the businesses he has come up with have failed and his net worth is actually substantively less than he claims it is); that he is a no-nonsense, honest, savvy businessman (he has capitulated and settled lawsuits out of court on many occasions, and that which he is not sued for, he just blatantly lies over).

Oliver summarises this beautifully by saying Trump is “…a litigious serial liar with a stream of broken business ventures with the support of a former Klan leader who he can’t decide whether or not to condemn”

So the news that the Trump brand which he tries so hard to promote and protect is in fact a fallacy – one of his ancestors actually changed the name from Drumpf to Trump – is a welcome one, and #MakeDonaldDrumpfAgain must now trend, and HARD.

Watch the slaying of Trump here. It’s epic stuff!

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