Just for Laughs: Anointing Oil is here to solve all your relationship problems!

Anointing Oil

Sooooooooooo I HAS (yes HAS) come again!

Women in the house I present to you the solution to all ya relationship and marital problems!!!


Just follow the handy guide below, apply the anointing oil and see quick quick solutions to all ya problems!

1) Brotha that has sista zoned you: One drop. (Prison break tinz!)

2) “I will always cum but you never will” horseband: 2 drops and him go begin dey locate your G-spot like say foreign exchange dey dere!

3) Beating horseband: 7 drops on your head (Angel Kamoru will visit him at night and flog Ephesians 5:25 into his body!)

4) Cheating horseband: 3 drops on his boxer shorts (His workshop will go on strike until he repents!)

5) Cheating horseband that has been infecting you with more foreign bodies than a United Nations conference: One cap full mixed with poundo and efo riro. (E go flush everything commot! Oga wee be clean and docile!)

6) Cheating horseband bringing side chic to the house: 2 capfuls poured on the bed they are using for the illegal kerewa (She wee just be smelling like bad stock fish and na him go drive am commot!)

7) Horseband that will not listen to you: Swallow one capful and talk to him at 4am (HE WEE RECEIVE SENSE!!!!)

8) Horseband that will not “wash plate”: Use 5 capfuls to wash the power zone and go pantless. (Him go be like ant wey dey find sugar!)

Quick grab your bottle now! The Anointing Breaks the yoke oooo!!!!

If symptoms persist after 7 days, your own don finish

Ahem… cough…dassal

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