Kai, the molestation of women on the streets of Lagos is real tho!

Confused Black Girl

Kai, so someone cannot just enjoy an evening stroll without trouble coming to look for them? I recall an annoying incident that happened to me once.

I was walking on my street somewhere in Lagos minding my business when one uncle who was dressed in quite a gentlemanly manner suddenly came behind me and said “I like everything I see.”

Sigh. Eye roll. I kept walking and didn’t even look back.
Robert Downey Jr Eye Roll

“Give me your number so I will call you later”

I ignored and kept walking. Person no even turn back answer you, you still come dey ask for number?

He kept asking and then I responded “I’m not giving you my number”

From nowhere this uncle asked “Is it because I don’t have a car?”
JESU! Like seriously??

I told him even if he had a jet, it wouldn’t matter to me. (Stop laughing back there! Seriously it wouldn’t nah)

And I kept walking…and then the uncle asked me, “Can’t I be a man and talk to you?” And proceeded to grab my wrist with force and pressure.

I quickly pushed him and yelled at him asking if he was okay and not mad, warning him never to try that nonsense again.

I no give you number, na by force??

People stopped to look at what was happening. He asked me why I was embarrassing myself (how, biko?).

I couldn’t deal so I just ignored him and kept walking till he left me alone. I am sure this uncle has a wife and children but didn’t think twice about assaulting me in public. Yes! Assault! My wrist hurt for days from how hard he grabbed it.

What is wrong with some men and the word “No” or the concept of rejection? Is it something so hard to handle?
If babe no wan give you number or even answer all your chants no be by force. Tell her good day, sorry to disturb you and walk away. Why evuls nah?

Imagine him asking me if its because he doesn’t have a car??
That’s the part I don’t get it all. Why that question? It wasn’t “Oh you don’t like me or something?” This would have made more sense at that moment, but why bring up a car? Did men somewhere take a poll and arrive at the conclusion that men with cars can get attention from any woman?

Is the mentality once you have a car a girl can’t say no to you? So when they meet one that says no, these men don’t understand it? And if that is the consensus, why resort to violence when you do not have a car? Is that one too my fault?

I get that there are women who would respond favourably to men with a nice car – or any car really – and has a certain look. If a woman rejects you or doesn’t even want to talk to you to start with though, guys shouldn’t go around thinking it’s because they don’t have a vehicle or any other visible accessory.

Some of us don’t care and really do not want to be bothered. Some of us are thinking about our grind. Some of us are already in a relationship. Some of us are married to Jesus. Some of us just think you’re ugly.

If the Holy spirit ministers to our souls saying,”Ah, this brother dey kampe, answer am, give am number,” we will give you that attention.

If, however, the Spirit says “Don’t even look at him sef,” we will keep walking . Please be a gentleman, bid us farewell and GET LOST.

Do not make comments or ask questions that would make us gasp in Korean (and reveal your low self esteem in the process), and under no circumstances should you physically try to touch/manhandle/ a woman without her permission.
Gasps in Korean

That na assault abi which other grammar I wan use? Basically, if talk talk won’t make us send you, your inappropriate gra gra wouldn’t either.

Mschewwwwwww…..*sniffs* my wrist has since healed but ehn..it wasn’t a funny something.

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