Kenya gives sweet, swift justice after Koffi Olomide seen kicking female dancer

©KTN|Koffi Olomide in Kenya

Violent people are going to have to learn one way or the other. You do not assault people and go free. And if you are a celebrity, your sins are amplified to the world and karma can be expensive. This is what Koffi Olomide found out recently.

The Congolese music super star was at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Nairobi, when a scuffle broke out. According to him, this female dancer was rude to his wife. That’s all o. It would seem that the people in the crowd were trying to calm the situation when Koffi comes from nowhere and delivers a monster kick! You can watch the video here>>

Vicious, right?

The outcry

However, and this is where the story gets good, the only thing swifter than his kick was the outcry! Africans demanded consequence for this boorish behaviour:

Regarding the above comment, I don’t know if this was a case of misogyny. I personally think it was a power trip. “I am the great Koffi Olomide and you are my underling. I will treat you whatever way I want as long as I am the one paying your salary.” Lord knows we have all seen women do it to their house-helps regardless of gender.

When karma jumps up and kicks you in the butt

And so, Africa spoke out with one voice.

  1. He was removed from the bill to perform in Nairobi last Saturday and deported back to Congo after spending the night at JKIA’s police station.
  2.  A scheduled concert he was billed to appear at in Zambia has been cancelled.

Boom! Kenya and Zambia be like “Not on our grounds, you don’t!”

As DJ Abass so perfectly put it, some people will never learn, so you hit them where it hurts them the most – their pockets.

I know if this was my country Nigeria, people would still be asking “Ehn, but she too, what did she do that made him react like that?” I know I have heard people ask that even with the victims of domestic violence laying cold on a mortuary slab.

The more repercussions we have of violence and bad behaviour, the more people will learn to keep their hands (and feet) to themselves.

Well done, Kenya! Koffi Olomide:

Elah Oju Kan meme

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