Kogi State won’t pay salaries but builds palatial administrative offices for govt officials and civil servants


I want to weep – wallahi! Kogi State, this state that has not paid salaries or pensions, some for as long as 12 months, is spending hundreds of millions of naira in building unnecessary buildings, and people are praising the Governor?

Why?? Who has done this to us?

Are these buildings new hospitals? No. New schools? No. Are they revenue generating businesses? No. Tourist facilities? No.

So what could these buildings be? How do they benefit a poor state struggling with decaying infrastructure and medical and educational facilities? With unpaid arrears?

These wonderful new buildings are administrative offices for government officials and civil servants.

While pensioners and civil servants are hungry? Are struggling? Cannot pay rent? Or transport costs? But still go to work daily?

The other day, a widowed mother of two sons, a Kogi State civil servant, was panicked and desperate. She has not been paid for 12 months. Her sons had resumed in University, but she had no money to pay their fees.

She was crying. Distraught. One of her sons had exams 2 days later. No fees, no exams.

We put up an appeal. Kindhearted Nigerians rapidly donated the N161K she needed.

When she got the money, she was weeping again. Overwhelmed.

Why did her State Governor have to put her through that? How many other mothers, fathers, children, grandparents, single people etc are suffering from not getting their salaries?

But the State Government can build nice new luxury offices.

Luxury offices are more important than people? Yes?

I want to cry.

** Pics of the luxury offices. One for SDGs. The other for revenue staff.

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