Ladies: on gender equality and its responsibilities

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Ladies you cannot relish the empowerment of gender equality while disdaining the responsibilities it brings. If you will embrace Gender equality then it calls upon you to do and stop certain things which include:

1. No longer looking to a man as the sole or even chief financier in a marriage.

You can (and should) stand on your own feet and make your money. Marriage is a partnership and calls for both parties to put in their best in every area and that includes finances. Please note that he did not just marry you, YOU married him too ( I sir, take you, ma and I ma, take you, sir NOT I sir, take you, ma and I ma, taken by you, sir)

2. Taking responsibility for your orgasms.

Sex is a two way thing. Insisting that your man will somehow know the innards of your body (when he isn’t born with a manual to your gspot) must come to an end. So lying there and expecting him to “perform” when you refuse to communicate must stop. Don’t be complaining to friends about “bad sex’ when you are not vocal about your needs

3. No longer validating or excusing your own bad behaviour.

or the bad behaviour of other women under the guise of “I am a woman. That is how we behave. A real man will bear it and handle me” or “She is a woman. A man must have pushed her to that” No. Bad behaviour is bad behaviour and is not a gender exclusive thing. Gender equality insists that you call a spade a spade and bullshit behaviour, bullshit

4. Basic survival skills is not gender-specific.

Teach your children basic survival skills and no longer segregate them to “this is for men”, “this is for women”. Teach all your kids the same skills. So this means no longer exorcising junior from the kitchen or chinwe from under the car bonnet. All must and should learn.

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