Larry ‘The Natural’ Ekundayo Annihilates Ghanaian Boxer Lamptey in Welterweight Title Match


Nigerians are excellent. We’re simply excellent. We always knew it, and tonight, Ghana discovered it too when Larry ‘The Natural’ Ekundayo sent Joseph ‘The Double Horror’ Lamptey packing and came away with the ABU Welterweight Championship Belt in the much-anticipated match aptly dubbed Judgement Day.

I’ll be honest. I wasn’t a hundred percent certain I wanted to go for this match. You hear enough stories about ear biting and brain befuddling, you start to wonder if it’s for you. Add that to the ever-rising cost of dry cleaning, and I’m thinking “Do I really want blood and bits of brain on my lovely dress?”

But then Lamptey trespassed with the “Where’s my flag?” stunt he pulled the day before at the weigh-in, and all of a sudden, I’m all hyped up and thinking I’m Ludacris:

And you could tell that every single Nigerian in the room had felt the disrespect to their bones because when Larry’s name was announced, although he came out to the dulcet tones of Sam Cooke’s A Change Gon’ Come, the room erupted into chants of “Larry! Larry!!” and that’s just how the night continued. Larry fought that fight with the full support of the Nigerian audience, and I know we bolstered him to greatness tonight.

He was surrounded by an able team – manager, publicist, trainers and other helpers, all of them decked in the impressive green that is our identity and branded by Arik Air – the proud sponsors who have stood by Larry throughout his career.

Matter of fact, because we cannot do anything without adding our own little spice to it, when the fight started getting good to us, the shouts changed from “Go Larry!” to “Fun l’ese! Fun ni upper cut!” which translate into “Punch him! Give him upper cut!” 😀 😀 😀 People were even calling him Lanre like they were at this man’s naming ceremony!

Well, we watched twelve rounds of fantastic boxing that was only interrupted by Spearmint Rhino girls announcing the rounds, complete with flat yansh (what is that?? Why do they insist on that tradition? And why didn’t they use Ghanaian women? Their backsides are exemplary!).

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The Ghanaian was a worthy adversary but in the end, Larry the Lion was simply a better boxer, his punches connected more, and he paced himself better. By the end when there was sweat flying and the two warriors had given their all, the judges announced Larry ‘The Natural’ Ekundayo the winner and the new African Boxing Union Welterweight!

A video posted by Viva Naija (@vivanaija1) on

Nigeria reigns supreme again!

Team Natural wins again!!

We remain undisputed.

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