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It’s almost the end of the year, many of us are already getting geared up for the festivities that comes with it. Like children, some of us have started to get new clothes, new shoes, new bags, new hair and some, new cars. Soon we will about “Happy New Year” and then it would begin again, another viscous cycle of getting through the new year, watching it age, celebrating a birthday and shouting “Happy New Year” again.

That’s how most of us live. From one festivity, from one action to another. We are constantly in need of highs to give us the “feel good” factor; a new relationship, parties, trips, Facebook drama, etc. At no time do we take a pen and paper, hide away from all the noise of life and seriously evaluate our lives.

We want to get married because age is no longer on our side or its simply the right thing to do at this point. We wanna have a baby, we want to start a business, we want a new relationship, we want to relocate, etc. Some of us are already disappointed with God that those things didn’t come in 2016 but will you really blame God?

I once asked a friend who wanted to get married, “Forget what you should do, forget that you love him, forget all those stories, do you really want to marry now? Do you really want to marry this man?” She wanted to answer and I asked her to think a little. Then she looks at me puzzled and said, “I don’t know”.

You see, thinking is very hard especially if you don’t do it often. I was sharing with my friend lately that we need to learn to peel off the outer layer of our consciousness and go deep into thought. Most of us can’t because the true state of our lives will leave us depressed. But when you understand that the goal is to evaluate, sanitise and restart, you will force yourself to do it.

man-thinking-sil (Learn to live above the din)
Peel off the outer layer of consciousness and go deep into thought

People who have genuinely rich lives, whose personas don’t end on Facebook are those who are constantly evaluating and re-evaluating their lives. They may not have it all but they are making progress inside out. Many of us are hollow on the inside, just noise and attractions all around us. We can barely live with ourselves so we go from distraction to distractions -especially if it’s a human distraction- and we use them to fill our lives.

I don’t know how else to say this but I hope someone understands and listens. Some of us are hard core debtors but Facebook celebrities. Some are doing businesses that are just a front, it’s not bringing in any money. Some of us are getting married when we should be looking for jobs and some are praying down husband’s when they should be moving out of their fathers house and finding their feet in life. Some are praying for their enemies when they need to change their nasty attitude, some are judging others when they should stop their secret sin. Some marriages are dead on arrival but instead of taking a very critical look at it and making hard/tough decisions, both parties move from year to year without solutions, living the same empty lives.

Let the rest of this month be a time of reflection, insanity is defined as doing the same thing and expecting different results. The problem with not confronting your demons is that they will live with you, and one day overpower you. 2017 will be like 2016 if you live the way you lived in 2016, quit those prayers. God is not irresponsible. Even He says be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.

It’s time to think hard and deep.

Enjoy your day.

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