Learn To Say Thank You!

Learn to say Thank You!

Learn to say Thank you

It is good to give glory to God

But when people help you,

When people give to you,

When people help you out of your distresses,

When people get inconvenienced to make you happy,

Learn to say THANK YOU

Learn to tell them how much you appreciate them

Learn to give to them: gifts, help, acts of service, support, commendations, customers, etc.

Thank your doctors. Thank your friends. Thank your mentors. Thank the stranger who helped you out. Thank your children. Thank your spouse. Thank people, stop rushing to give testimonies in ingratitude.

Pls, stop this over spiritual bullshit in 2017 else God will have to wait for you to get to heaven to help you…as your ingratitude and lack of value for people has sent everyone packing.

Have a great day.

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