Learn to value yourself

Value yourself

Value yourself

Trust me, I had to learn to value myself. Thank God for God, good parents and great friends giving me positive reinforcement. Woulda been so much harder. I had to understand my worth. That I am not to be assessed by the thickness of my wallet or muscles, even neither is bad.

I learned that I am a great guy and a good catch and that any lady who thought otherwise needed brain surgery. It is one thing to say; “Oh I don’t really like Onuora that way” or “He’s not my kind of guy,” and another to say that I’m not worth the trouble for anyone.

Don’t ever let any man or woman talk you down that way. Never ever allow people beat your mind and spirit into that place where you doubt your own worth. It’s not a great place to be. At some point you will risk settling for someone that will wreck you and you take it because you feel you don’t deserve any better or worse you stay alone, afraid and ashamed, believing lies that you’re a waste of space.

Nah. You’re beautiful and you’re a major blessing.
Believe it. 
Wait for people who see that and embrace it because guess what? You deserve happiness too.

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