Leave them alone! The only thing plus-sized in these pictures is Joy!



People can be quite funny with their sizeist hatred disguised as opinions oh….*and this is me attempting to stymie this highly ludicrous BS*

A happy Ghanaian couple put up pictures from their pre-wedding shoot online, probably in the hope and intention of sharing their joy, but in the (dis)guise of free opinion, some people started generating toxic traffic by hating on them, using the physique of the bride as theme.

How very insensitive from definitively low-esteemed people who try endlessly to brew giddiness from the units of other people’s lives!!

If you look at these pictures and you get even slightly distracted from the palpable ooze of joy by the bride’s plus sized physique, you need a mindful surgery to excise low-esteem from your vantage, yes, lowesteemectomy.

In Nigeria, we even say “overload nor dey heavy the owner“, so get your “cataracted” eyes off these bundles of joy that this couple represent via these pictures, and just goan siddon somewhere chilly!

The message attached to the pictures on the groom’s Facebook page (seen below) even attested to the presence of depth, a history, and some “big-picture” purpose in the story of these ones, yet, haters no gree see road…..well, nuff said ojare dear oko iyawo!

The only thing plus sized in these pictures is fulfilling JOY stemming from personal choice. ..respect it!


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  1. What is their concern sef? Let them sit nd be throwing abusive words on her, when she’s getting married. To those of you una go wait till una go reach menopause before una see husband. Bad belle* She’s Big, Bold & Beautiful yet still found a charming man to marry her. Una wey dey normal abeg where una husband & wife o? Foolish people without reasoning!

  2. Hating on them? Naija with stupidity. Those hating on them will soon reach their menopause & still never marry. She’s Big, Bold & Beautiful. You wey normal with average body hating on them abeg show me your groom or bride to be? Bad belle is allowed* I dey feel you jare. Orobo toh make sense *muah*

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