Linda Ikeji Buys House, Nigerians Won’t Allow Somebody to Hear Word Again

Linda-Ikeji-House 9

It’s been on my mind for days now to write an article about Linda Ikeji’s $600,000 house at Banana Island, but I’ve been putting it off because…I simply couldn’t be bothered. There is NO story.

I started then deleted, started then deleted again. So…I think I may have finally got it!

  1. E  no just consine you at all.
  2. It is not your money.
  3. Yes, the house IS worth $600,000. There is land in Lekki Phase 77 that people want 7 Diezillion Naira for, not talk of a whole house. Real estate in certain areas is over-priced, but that’s the price.
  4. Yes, you CAN make that sort of money blogging.
  5. Yes, you can start your own blog now, but you’d probably fail.
  6. No, we do not need to get EFCC involved. They have enough to be getting on with. There are goats running amok and no yams left.
  7. No, she does not need to go and marry. Get out of her love life and her vagina.

  8. She wouldn’t marry you anyway.
  9. Or your brother. Or anybody in your family.
  10. It IS possible to have money without it coming from an aristo. “Sare wa gba” has scattered your brain so you think it’s the only way.
  11. You are NOT better than her because you’re married.
  12. She is an inspiration to young girls.
  13. She does NOT need to hide her wealth under a bushel so you can feel more comfortable about it. She does not need to be moderate with her spending. She does not need to stay in a 2-bed flat in Ikeja so you can say she’s humble. If you don’t like it, upgrade your mediocre life.
  14. Nor does she need to engage in charity work with her money. It’s HER money.
  15. She CAN stay in her house alone. She does not need to have a big family to live in a big house. Stop eet.
  16. She does NOT have to ‘deserve’ it. It doesn’t matter if you approve or not. It doesn’t matter if she’s a good person. Sometimes, bad people live in Face-Me-I-Face-You and sometimes good people live in mansions. And sometimes it’s the other way around. Deal with it.
  17. All your talk is making her more popular = more money = more houses. Kontinuuuu!
  18. E still no consine you at all at all. Bad belle someborri.

Linda-Ikeji-House Linda-Ikeji-House 8 Linda-Ikeji-House 4 Linda-Ikeji-House 5 Linda-Ikeji-House 6 Linda-Ikeji-House 7 Linda-Ikeji-House 9 Linda-Ikeji-House 3 Linda-Ikeji-House 2

You mad, bro?

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