Linda Ikeji, how did your milk of human kindness dry up?

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I have waited patiently for hours, day, hoping earnestly that Linda Ikeji would come up with an excuse. Something like the usual “my site was hacked” alibi we have come to expect from her. That, or tender an honest apology to the family of Mayowa and the Nigerian people. But it appears my wait has been in vain.

Apparently,she was in total control of her mind when she wrote that article. Sigh.

We shouldn’t in our bid to make profit, lose sight of the purpose of business. We engage in business, to offer goods and services in order to make profit. Business should never be done without sensitivity to the feelings of customer, clientele or shareholders.

This is why we have customers care service. People’s feelings matter a lot. There is a price attached to our goods and services because we want to satisfy human wants and also make a living for ourselves and maybe others dependent on us.

At no point should the quest for money strip us of our humanity, else we would have nothing but a raving demon within us.

What is the value of your wealth, if you are to live alone in this world?

How did your milk of kindness dry up?

How did you become so heartless and insensitive?

At first it was a desire to make a living, then it grew into wealth acquisition, now you are almost lost. You say things that hurt people without a care about how damaging your words are.

Linda Ikeji, you are not God. Stop writing people off. There is hope for every person that still breathes. How dare you blow the whistle that Mayowa’s family scammed Nigerians? Did we give them your money?What did you hope to achieve?

Even a person that has a minute to live isn’t totally hopeless. A person is not dead until he/she is dead. For a moment, let me agree with you that she has a few months to live and there was no hope, how is that your business?
We give money for dead all the time. When somebody dies, people give for the sake of the dead in our culture. We give towards burials, why can’t we give to someone who is hoping against hope that she might still survive? Have you not seen people who survived even after doctors had given them dates of their death?

You make money from peddling gossip and scandals. How could you desire to make money out of a critical situation like Mayowa’s? How can breaking this news, even if it were factual, be something that you would, could, consider?

Have you never had a sick person in your family? Do you know the emotional trauma that family members go through when one of theirs is terminally ill?

I lost my son last year, till this moment, I still feel the pain. If you as much as make a snide comment about him to me! Say “Errmm! He is gone forever, there is nothing you can do about it…bla bla bla!” I would break off whatever connection I have with you permanently. It is that serious. I find insensitive people very irritating.

Nobody wants to lose a loved one. It is natural for people to get desperate when they want to save a life. Mayowa’s family can not value the donations we made above her life.

“You can’t just sit and watch people die”

Let me tell you a story. Don Ritchie is an Australian who saved over 160 people from committing suicide over a period of 45 years. He resided very close to a cliff in Sydney, Australia, known for multiple suicide attempts. He would intentionally stand there looking out for those who wanted to end their lives and talk them out of it. When asked about his passion for saving lives, he said “You can’t just sit and watch them die.” This is an example of somebody that has so much humanity within.

How could you lose your humanity, to the extent that you make a mockery of a family’s desperate effort to save a loved one? Even if there was an element of deception in their method, let nature deal with that. It is none of your business. None.

If someone had done this for Muna Obiekwe, he probably would have been here today; but we lost him.

Have we at any time looked into the deception that characterise your style of business, or you think we are ignorant?
Everybody deserves as many chances as possible at life.
Mayowa deserves it too. Your money, your fame and everything other thing you’ve got are meaningless if your humanity is lost.

There is a purpose to wealth and it is this: you make wealth to better lives, yours and others.

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  1. for the end coming of Jesus Christ, the only thing difference is that the 2nd coming will happen an apology from Linda will never happen. I just hope she understands that cancer is no respecter of persons or mansion

  2. And everyone had ascended the judgement throne to judge Linda. When the campaign started, wasn’t she one of the people that helped spread the message? When a fake acct was created, shey na for her blog we get the warning. Keep writing about Linda o, maybe, just maybe your blog will get the useless traffic you are Wishing for but just like Danone brand, LIB has come to stay. Motivational speaker my ass. It had to be a fucking sponsored post on Facebook mtchewwww

    • I agree with you. What’s the aim of this post? Just to drag Linda’s name. The Toyin and Co who said it was a scam and even involved the police, no one is talking about them. You just want to use her to get traffic.

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