LIVE: Britain is debating on whether to bomb ISIS in Syria right now (#DontBombSyria)

  • The debate in the House of Commons starts at 11.30am and scheduled to last until 10pm tonight.
  • Politicians will vote on whether to bomb ISIS in Syria by 10pm.
  • The latest YouGov poll shows that 48% of Britons approve air strikes, 31% disapprove, while the rest remained undecided as of December 1.

Britain’s government just started the debate on whether the country should join the alliance with the US in bombing ISIS (also known as the Islamic State) in Syria.

The debate, which was given the green light only yesterday, will last for 10.5 hours and will be immediately followed by a vote. The Conservative-led government indicated that if the vote results in approval for a bombing campaign in Syria, British fighter jets could be deployed by the end of this week.

Why we must take action against ISIL in Syria as part of a wider strategy. My Commons statement:Mr Speaker, I said I…

Posted by David Cameron on Thursday, 26 November 2015

It is largely believed that politicians will approve the air strike action on Syria because Prime Minister David Cameron said last week that he would only push for vote if he was almost certain it would go ahead. He said that risking a no vote could end up being a propaganda win for ISIS militants.

We here at Viva Naija are somewhat sceptical about this. We had this exact same brouhaha with Saddam Hussein and Weapons of Mass destruction. I remember Tony Blair being “oh so sure” as well. What we did was bomb, kill and destroy innocent Iraqis and didn’t find as much as a water gun.

I was just interviewed on the Jeremy Vine show on the BBC about the vote tomorrow on Britain extending bombing from Iraq…

Posted by Jeremy Corbyn on Tuesday, 1 December 2015

We did “Not In My Name” and today we cry “Don’t Bomb Syria”.

It is my prayer that the cabinet listens. ISIL must be stopped, but killing innocent Syrians is not necessarily the solution.


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