Living life under pressure


So my friend and I went out, he said he needed to buy a body cream. I asked if it was for his wife or chic and he answered that his gf uses a cream of 25k. This is a dude who’s been complaining that his chic is too expensive and she should understand he’s a struggling young man. I always remind him that he’s married and it’s his job as a “maga” to do what he’s doing.

Anyway, to the main gist. To start with, this is a girl that’s not working…but is expensive. You’re using a cream of 25k but you don’t have a job or business. When he asked which one I used I told him “Aveeno”, moisturiser for face and another one for body with skin therapy oil. I told him I was even using Olay which is cheaper but getting the one for sensitive skin is pretty hard to get so I switched. As for my friend, he’s a young man who cannot afford to live a frivolous lifestyle especially in this recession. He has one car and a lot of responsibilities. There was a day he was so upset because he hadn’t reached the stage where he could buy a car for his girlfriend, oh I had such a good laugh that day. Bro almost joined cult because of babe.

This brings me to my question, who exactly do we live to please in this society? Adongerrit. In this recession you keep chic and side chick, along with wife and extended family, Why? We buy things we don’t really need or can afford, we put our kids in schools we can barely pay fees for. We wear hairs we have to owe for months to pay. We buy phones where we cannot even afford house rent? And you know the problem with this life? When you don’t meet up, you compromise.

buy-things-we-dont-need (Living life under pressure)

How do you think married women end up doing runs? Married and unmarried sef. Who are we really trying to please? We do weddings we can barely afford and run into some serious debt at the beginning of our marriage, for who na? I once shared tips on radio on how to save money when planning for your wedding and many people called to say thanks. I think I’ll do it again on a Facebook live session. And the newest source of wasting money, “pre-wedding” photos!!! Make up, dresses, location, I cannot even imagine it. When you’re struggling to pay for a hall? Why not simply compile pictures of both of you over time and play on your wedding day? The Oyibos that started that kind of thing that’s what they do o. We’ve taken our own to another level.

Some of us can’t even let people know the small hustle we’re doing to keep body and soul alive. We can’t even share our business on our wall or even stay in our shops!!! Nigerians will not kill me. Who are you forming for Biko? I used to carry jewelry in one bag to sell. In fact I used to shop for newer, finer and bigger bags to carry my jewelry. I go to my friends offices, beg my girl friends to introduce me to their banker friends, and bring out my jewellery when anyone enters my house especially guys  because they don’t price, hehehe. I went to shops to ask if I could drop my things or if they will buy from me so I really don’t get it when we act like we own range rovers yet we are still borrowing to pay transport.

If you are still guilty of this in this Buhari era, I don’t even know what to say. I beg you, no matter how far you think you’ve gone, do a U-turn. I once rebuked a friend who was so upset he couldn’t pay the school fees of his daughter’s dream school. How old was she? A toddler and you wanna pay over two hundred thousand naira for her school??? Are you crazy? If you are Dangote, I won’t begrudge you but then you won’t be complaining abi? Okay.

Let’s live and let live abeg, living life under pressures is really not worth it. Don’t drown under the weight of applause because while they applaud you, and you’re sinking, it’s you will is in pain. Besides no one has the time to applaud you sef, everyone is too busy dealing with their own devils. Kindly grow up.

This is a new month, kindly do better. The year will soon end, make better choices, face your life squarely and leave matters for Matthias.

Have a blessed new month friends

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