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long distance relationships

Most people have actually had long distance relationships or know someone who is in one at the moment. But do they work? Can they work? What are the steps needed for a successful long distance relationship? The Talking Drum wants to know!


Long distance relationships take various forms these days. There are people who were apart during courtship, the summer flings to Yankee that became something more serious, and then there are those who the search for greener pastures has led to separation – sometimes for a few short months, sometimes, sadly, for longer. More and more, couples are being forced to live apart and we ask: how are people expected to survive the vagaries of long distance relationships? Can love cross oceans and time zones? In a world where the stresses of daily life separate even the people living under the same roof, what are some of the coping mechanisms couples living apart can employ to ensure that the bond between them does not dissipate?

We put long distance relationships to the test tonight on The Talking Drum!

Date: 23rd August, 2017
Time: 8-10pm GMT

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