Love in the time of war: a couple meet and marry in a Boko Haram refugee camp


I was all poised with big English words like Obahiagbon, but when I think of Boko Haram, all I can think of is “Chei, e no go better for these animals o. And I hope all the virgins they go and meet are all strapped with grenades and strap-ons because Boko Haram na just smelling bunch of people, true to God.”

Out of the desolate waste lands of waste, grief and despair though comes the tough, unwieldy seed that is love. The human desire for companionship, solace and contact supersedes any evil and it stays with us, no matter what we have been through.

According to the BBC, thirty-five-year-old Modu Bulama came to the Boko Haram refugee camp at Dalori after his wife and two children were killed by the terrorist group.

Despite his tragic loss, Bulama helps out at the camp, and it was while helping with the distribution of relief material to other camp residents that he met a woman who had lost her husband in the conflict.

Shared grief and empathy can be a powerful thing, and after exchanging their experiences, he followed the advice of some of the elders in the camp and asked her to marry him.

The entire look of the video is one of loss and despair; every single person there is someone who has witnessed unspeakable things and has something to grieve for, but…wait until you see the new bride’s smile!

The years fall off her and she is a maiden again. It’s not hard to believe that this was once a carefree woman who lived her life in a home she grew up in and loved. The song that keeps playing in my head is Louis Armstrong’s What A Wonderful World, and the only recurring thought is “Evil must not be allowed to win. There is so much good left in the world. So much.”

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