Lt Kalu and Shomzy Shomzy: 50 warning signs that could save you from a murderous lover

Lieutenant Kalu and Sholape

Of course there are not up to fifty signs! Fifty?? Is it till you die?? Number one: just use your brain!  It is no longer news that someone’s daughter, @Shomzy Shomzy, was gunned down by her boyfriend, @Lieut Kal. The duo were students in the Naval School where they met. He steadily grew jealous until he pumped two shots in her chest and killed her. He had every intention of killing himself too as his suicide note showed, but he was caught before he managed to do that.

Lieut Kalu on Facebook

The annoying part of this story is that one girl will still read all the comments, see all the character traits of her boyfriend mirrored in this murderer’s social media shenanigans, and will still remain with him “chopping the life of her head”.

They have said that “oro abo laa so fun omo ti ori e ba pe” –  small morsels of wisdom are sufficient for those who have been well trained. It is not your duty to repair any man. It is not compulsory for him to marry because I know somebody will say “shebi it is somebody that will marry them.” No!  Nobody has to marry them! They just need to be ostracised, isolated from other humans so that their seed will not proliferate.

A boyfriend that talks to you like he owns you,  that warns you violently never to live outside the boundaries he has created for you, and still you find excuses for his insanity? There should be some boundaries, deal breakers that you are not willing to compromise in a relationship. A boyfriend should never stop you from picking your friends; he should not isolate you in the name of “protection”. Are you an egg? There are stories I hear and they turn my stomach. I wonder why any girl would remain with a guy who threatens and beats her or her friends?

Lieutenant Kalu Suicide Note
Lieutenant Kalu’s suicide note where he claims he considers it a prestige to write the letter as it would be written by top military officials, and in which he refers to Ms Oladipupo as a witch on two occasions. 

You find a guy who beats up other people attractive. Don’t you know tomorrow will be your turn? I hear some girls get wet when they see a guy that can break bottle and stab knife. Hmm, kontinuu oooo!

Fine, maybe there are fifty signs I could list, but murderous people are usually well disguised. Usually, only their partner can see those warning signs, but these girlfriends find the right excuse to stay – either for love or money.

This is the digging of an early grave as Solape Oladipupo has found out. Don’t self destruct. This post is an appeal to every lady who may be experiencing such things secretly. If your boyfriend believes in murder,  if he jokes about killing other people, if he does so much as threatens you, if he scares you, my friend you are a sitting duck.

Choose to live, get out of that mess today.

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