Lying heifer Evans the Kidnapper wife says she had NO idea of his criminal activities


The most annoying person in the whole Evans the Kidnapper debacle is his wife. Talmbout she didn’t know her husband was a kidnapper. Can we try and execute her first please? If not for lying, then for outright stupidity, and if not that, then at the very least for enjoying the proceeds of crime (POCA)? But mostly for aiding, abetting and sexing an ugly criminal kingpin every night.

Women who will know everything a man is doing before he does it. Women who will give both the FBI AND the CIA a run for their money if they have vested interest in the matter. Women who know the day you baff with another soap. Women whose eyes will plain roll out their heads in a bid to read your phone.

Heck, Beyonce has her own money and she STILL got her goon (Solange) to dropkick her husband the day she felt something was off. And you are all types of wrong if you think Becky still has good hair; Beyonce has snatched ALL her edges by now, I’m sure.

And to all the people saying it is possible not to know; that Naija men don’t have to say where they’re going or coming from, all I can say is you’re lucky I ain’t the judge or you would all be up for trial too. Even when dating? You’ve never had the convo “What do you do for a living?”?! You’ve never taken him lunch to work or taken his briefcase he forgot at home? Who are his friends? Or you just go into the kitchen and bring out the nkwobi when Nwana the armourer shows up with another suitcase full of the latest Kalashnikovs and 5,000 new bullets? You might not necessarily be the problem, but all this oxygen you’re freely inhaling is doing me one kain.

If your only concern about your husband’s income is if it stretches to foreign trips and new jewellery, y’honour, STRING. HER. UP. Haba, cook that only cooked for the kidnapped victims (a charitable endeavour if you think about it), has been rounded up, then how much more you who probably knows where all the bank accounts in your children’s names are kept?

Happy wife, happy children….all in ignorance abi? Issorai.

Don’t even tell us where the money is, and don’t you DARE become born again. Just step right this way and let us tie you briefly to the big stick. Look, we’ll be kind, we’ll use some of your husband’s bullets. Heard he got that hook up for good quality merch.

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  1. I trust you to bring it. You know my thoughts sha. I will not give an inch for anyone to claim she did not know. She knew deep down he was into shady deals. She knew she lived in the lap of luxury on the pain and tears of others. The children have no say hopefully there is a chance they can be saved from these sadistic pair


    • I will change and become born again!
    • I am married with five children
    • My wife knows what I do, she sometimes collects the ransome money for me
    • Kidnapping wasn’t the only crime I committed
    • It all started in the year 2000 when I fled my home town in Opi, Nsukka Local Government of Enugu State to Lagos after stabbing my fiancee when she decided not to marry me.
    • I once collected $1m ransom from one victim
    • I never killed any of my victims
    • My mum has never been to my house. She knows I’m into crime but never supports me
    • I started in Anambra State when Peter Obi was the governor after my friend, Hunch Man, introduced me to kidnapping
    • We were forced to leave Anambra and we moved to Edo then Lagos.
    • I had some boys from Warri, Delta State working with me
    • The first job I got in Lagos was at Jonbulls Ikoyi as driver to the CEO. One day we were going to his office and my boss said he wanted to visit a friend. The moment he went in, I took the sum N350,000 he had in the car and ran away to Ghana.
    • I returned after some months and avoided Ikoyi where the office is situated. I got a new driving job the same way I got the other one in Victoria Island. There, I also took N600,000 and ran to Ghana.
    • I returned to Lagos in 2008, used same method, got a new job as a driver at the home of the first family I kidnapped their daughter
    • I realised they are very rich and loved their daughter so much. I took her to Ghana from where I demanded a ransom of only N20million. But the little girl’s father opted to pay N22 million.
    • I released the girl in Ghana.
    • The moment I got this money, I ventured into extravagant spending. I bought a house in Ghana, bought over five exotic cars, and a truck. I started attending several social functions and people were hailing the way I was spending money
    • I also spent over N2m on orphanages and local primary schools in Ghana. The Deputy Nigeria Ambassador to Ghana, and other prominent Nigerians were also in attendance at the handing over ceremony of my donations.
    • Early this year, I was arrested, along with my wife, in Lagos. We were arraigned in court, but we soon regained our freedom due to the power of my money and connections.
    • I admit I have done wrong and I have brought pain to many families but I want to live and pay for my crime
    • I heard several scarring stories about SARS but I never knew I was going to be brought here some day
    • I need a time in court to beg every family I have offended for forgiveness

    Via several online sources

    Lessons to all.
    Employing drivers.
    Exposing our lifestyles on social media.
    This is a clue to be cautious!

  • What rubbish are u people saying, how can she know.When u are married and u know how men like to go about their business without letting their wife into what they are doing, where they are going and what ever they are doing, then u will know the woman might really not know about it.

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