Maami – a traditional Yoruba poem


Maami, this day shall pass away
To usher in a boundless joy
The energy invested in the hurdles of life
Shall be regained in the pleasure of future.

You’ve won many battles with courage
And broken many tides with prayers
You’ve made enormous sacrifice to the gods
That I might live well not to be ‘asiniwaye

Tell me of an orisha
With an accommodating and pure heart
Tell me, tell me of an angelic dame
Whose smiles gives hope like Maami.

Olodumare created you with charming beats
drumming up the passion for loveliness
He grants you the perfection of motherhood
And abounds with knowledgeable ideas.

Your love for me grew unconditionally,
Paving way for my emerging greatness
You told me the future is bright!
Brighter, if I keep to your soothing words.

You bought me coats of many colours
and decorated my path with glorious fonts.
You breathe hope when I’m in disarray
and bountiful baskets even during famine.

May you live long to reap what you’ve sowed
and harvest all you’ve planted.
May Olodumare continue to enlarge your coast
and may your hand never earth me.

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