Man go and learn how to lead


“The problem is most men weren’t taught how to lead.”
Peace David

How many times have I said this to you guys? Don’t assume you know what it means to lead because you’re male. That’s arrogant and silly. A penis, a beard, muscles or even a fat bank account doesn’t confer leadership qualities/abilities.

There are women who would so floor and shame you with their leadership and managerial skills. In fact I know so many men who boldly state that their wives add so much to them that some days you think she’s the head of the home.

women-leading-men (man go and learn how to lead)

A pastor once said, while teaching about this, that his wife is so precise and fast thinking that she not only knows when he is wrong she even knows when he is about to be wrong and starts giving warning signals as if he is blind, deaf and dumb before wahala starts. It seems funny but it is a real issue. Thank God he’s a serious man who leads right, sef.

So don’t take this privilege for granted and think she cannot do it if you start failing. Take a look at the tons of single mothers doing it, if you doubt it. The call to serve in this capacity is not beans. Go and learn. Stop leaning on society’s blind view that you’re a natural born leader because of your sex and your mess up means nothing

Go and learn how to lead, then you can sit at the table of men. Until then, you’ll just be a boy who can shave and nothing more.

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