Marriage is not a death sentence


The rate of divorce is increasing daily, not because marriages of then are better than now but because the key actors in marital longevity of the previous generation are no longer willing to put up with insanity.

Most marriages lasted for long because women of then accepted their subservient place and endured everything that came with their marriages.

The 21st century woman is on a journey of self discovery, reorientation and fulfilment. She is learning daily to esteem her personal satisfaction above matrimonial longevity. This doesn’t mean that they are unwilling to work towards a long-lasting marriage.
It just means that they are not willing to sacrifice their eternal peace and sanity just to make a marriage last long.

Strangely, some people are pointing accusing fingers at women, claiming that they are responsible for failing marriages. The truth is that men are unwilling to contribute their quota and the age-long belief that it is a woman that makes her marriage work is gradually losing it’s hold on women.
Women are now living with the mindset that for a marriage to work there should be 100% contribution from both parties.
This is not the time to shift blames, it is time to work.
Work on your marriage like your life depends on it and this work is not for one person. Both parties must be committed to it.

two-to-2 (Marriage is not a death sentence)


Before you offer your divergent opinion, there are men working on their marriages, who are just unfortunate to have married women who don’t care about the success of their marriage.
However, it is no mystery that the number of good woman who are marriage and family oriented is much more than their male counterparts.

Make no mistake about it. If you refuse to treat your partner well, you would lose him/her. Marriage is not a death sentence.
It is also stupidity for you to be abusing a partner that divorces you because you refused to treat him/her well.  Have you seen anybody who allows a scorpion to consistently sting them without finding a way of escape?  When you become a scorpion, unleashing poisonous venom on your partner, how would you expect him/her to stay with you?
You dey use juju?

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  1. it is not a self discovery on the part of women that rock marriages but the eventual courage on the part of women to stop accepting the abnormal physical abuse which has persisted over the years and labelled normal. We make excuses for our children’s bold free speeches today, as compared to times past as “modernity” We go as far as fighting teachers for flogging our children in school as against such in times past. according to us “the world has change, please understand” but nobody makes excuse for a woman who refuses to be abused as in times past. We still want women to be objects for marriages to last. well guess the change in times in the world affects all. it is time every gender takes responsibility for a successful and lasting marriage. women do not seek equality because inequality has never existed rather gender differences and roles. Women only want to be understood more and given opportunities to help. Also appreciated for the help. Sometimes what society sees as defiance on the part of women is just emotional tantrums for recognition as human beings with needs.

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