Marriage does not lose a woman her identity


Subjugating women

I once heard of the story of a woman whose father died sick because he had no money for hospital bills.

Guess what?
The woman had the money to pay for her father to receive a good treatment, but she couldn’t pay because not only did the moron she called a husband ban her from going to see her father, he also didn’t give her the “permission” to send money for her father’s hospital bills.

I’m done blaming men.

Any woman who needs the permission of her husband to look after her father is an imbecile, and deserves a monster for a husband.

Hang on….
My father who sat and still sits beside my bed, awake, to watch me sleep whenever I am sick.
My father who spent almost every penny he earned as salary on my education and that of my siblings.
My father would still happily give up his kidneys, organs, or sell his house for me today if I need it to live.
My father who would lay down his life for me.
My father on whose back I slept almost every night till I was six years old.

So, I will now agree to marry one man, and he will have the temerity to refer to me as my father’s former daughter?
Where is he going to gather such guts from to look into my face and spree such trash?

Like, after everything my father has done for me, one man who came into my life after my father has moulded me into what I am thinks I need his permission to accept gifts from my father, buy gifts for my father, visit him, or pay his hospital bills?

Where do women keep their brains when they end up with such mistake of humans as husbands?

A man came into a post to say a woman needs her husband’s permission to do anything with her father. And some STUPID traditions even back this up.

Who do I blame? I blame these men a little, but I blame the women who put up with such nonsense even more.

If half Nigerian women had my mentality, there would be automatic brain reset for men with such idiotic mentality.

There are some things I read on social media and I feel nauseous.

I don’t even know why I should remain married to a man who thinks I shouldn’t look after my father or mother.

These are same people who thinks Kanu Nwankwo should put his brother before his wife.
These are same people who would choose their mothers over their wives.

You think a woman loses her identity on marriage. You think a woman becomes her father’s former daughter on marriage. Do you also think that a man becomes his mother’s former son on marriage?



I hope I never have to raise my children in such an environment. That’s my greatest fear. I don’t want them to grow up dumbed up by the stupid things you people call traditions.

You think you own a woman because you paid a peanut amount in the name of bride price. Therefore, you become the emperor and ruler of her life.

And yet, when we call for the ban of bride price, same people will crawl out to tell us that “it’s not about bride price, a bad man is a bad man”. But you can’t make any point on why the man has authority over the woman without making reference to bride price. Pathetic lots!

Do I sound angry on this post?

Well, that’s because I’m very angry. Some of these things I read from supposed Homo sapiens make cringe with goosebumps, I want to run out of this planet.

You people use religion, culture and traditions to backup every nonsense mentality that gears the subjugation of women.

YOU NIGERIANS make marriage and being a woman extremely unattractive. You make me want to denounce my citizenship, even though that would render me stateless. TUEH!

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