When Marrying The Available Becomes A Wrong Move


If the desirable is not available,  the available becomes the desirable – this is an old saying which has contributed to many incidences of dissatisfaction and unfulfilled life.

Most marriages today were contracted on the grounds of ~ if I can’t marry who my heart desires,  I should then marry who my heart finds available.

Look around you,  see the unhappiness in some marriages,  and you won’t be wrong to admit the available became a spouse,  not the desirable.

I remember when I was in my late teens,  an older married friend asked what I will look out for in a life partner and I off handedly said to him –  I will only marry someone who I’ll wake up everyday and desire.
For me,  passion and soul connection is everything in a relationship.

man-and-woman-kissing (When Marrying The Available Becomes A Wrong Move)

I think people should get back to marrying who they truly love,  and not who was available as at the time they wanted to marry. This means first,  finding yourself,  and what actually it is you want in your spouse,  then go seeking for that person.

The reason people cheat on their spouses is not far-fetched from this. Most who are bold enough,  do the needful and remove themselves from their false marriages,  either taking the hard path of separation, or as deep as divorce,  so that they can be with the person their soul desires… while the somewhat cowardly stay put,  in their unhappiness and continue with their cheating.

This is not gender based,  as both genders are caught in this web of self-deception,  which ends badly for the kids that proceed from this unholy union.

What do you think,  friends? Be kind to drop your opinions on this.

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