Mavins Jantamanta: Hip Hop or Flop?


I love the Supreme Mavin Dynasty. I really do. I think Don Jazzy is an alchemist and a full-time jazzman.

But there comes that moment in every person’s life when there is a lot of buzz around a movie or film or worreva and you’re just not feeling it. Jantamanta is such a moment for me.

Jantamanta 2

I’m used to the Mavin choir or ‘gbogbo ero’ formula by now: every artiste on the label sings a verse and it all sounds like they’re all having such a wonderful time. It started with DoroBucci and although I was tardy to the doro party (I still think it’s a stupid word), I finally got with the programme months after everyone else.

Looku Looku was my song from get-go. Maybe because despite all this Jandness, I still like to be abusing people whenever I get the opportunity.

But Jantamanta? Wharrisall dis? I hear it’s an Indian god who ruins marriages by sleeping with the wife in her dreams. As you do. Iranu. Abasha.


And the lyrics?

My automibile, e dey for outside, it’s just a Rolls
Oh My God, I just remembered your name is Rose(and it rhymes with Rolls)
You lookin’ thirsty, you want some water?
I have a hose.


I know this is pop music and not meant to be War and Peace by Tolstoy, but abeg mek una try small na.

The only thing I like the song for is that it features the return of Mama Junior aka Tiwa Savage. She sounds yum on it too.

Anyway. Jantamanta. Here you go:


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