mazi abe’s side: Buhari came good with the Ministerial Portfolio Allocation


mazi abes corner - finalI BELIEVE BUHARI IS NOW READY!

After the announcement of the Executive Council Ministers a few days ago, the Wailing Wailers have gone to town with their cynical àmébò mouths.

The tribalists have masturbated their Biafran schlongs till they ran out of Aba-made vaseline.

I equally admit that I had started to run out of patience with the old papa. As the well salted and weather beaten sailors would always holla: “When a lubber is marooned, looting is permitted “.

But this morning, the old soldier came good.

Only a Mestafunker would complain about a Northerner being Defence Minister.

General Mansur Dan-Ali (rtd) Minister for defence
General Mansur Dan-Ali (rtd) Minister for defence

Before nko? Who wan go fight Boko Haram ? Abi you wan send Fashola?

Nigeria’s Defence is porous in the North. Send a Northerner that understands the terrain. Simples.

The most significant is Fashola as Power Minister. Plus works ! That has been Nigeria’s Achilles’ heel.

If Fashola could tackle the madness called Lagos Traffic, then NEPA problem is solved.

Buhari was merely playing mischief politics by adding the Housing portfolio.

Since when has government ever cared about the people’s housing needs ?

Not even a teacher in Lagos could afford Fashola’s “low income” housing scheme. So leave story.

Babatunde Raji Fashola

Who else remain ?

Ehn hen, the goose that lays the golden egg: Petroleum !

Baba, don’t mind them. Hold that Ministry like you are squeezing Aisha. 😆 😆 😆

Any one that complains is a rogue. Or a friend of a rogue. Or a friend of a friend of a friend of a……….

Buhari, you have mixed politics with technocracy and also tried to satisfy constitutional requirements.

I believe you are ready to deliver. Let’s go there!

Viva Nigeria.

Mazi abe idris © reserved 2015

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