mazi abe’s side: Breaking News: Thank God, MTN Fined $5.2 Billion!!


At first glance, I went “Wow, at last”.

Then I read the fine print and realised that NCC, the regulating body for Telecommunications, only fined them for non-compliance on the Sim Card deactivation directive.

So where have the yèyè NCC been for the past 15 years when the South African Telecommunications giant has been taking Nigerians to the cleaners?

If there must be any fine on MTN, it should be for FRAUD.

MTN has used different scams to steal Nigerians blind: dropped calls, incomplete calls, bogus advert gimmicks, poor or non-existent network.

And that is despite the fact Nigeria has the highest voice call tariff in the whole world! With connivance of the usual Nigerian Government officials, of course.

Meanwhile, nobody has told us what will happen to the $5.2 billion fine. If they pay.

However, if it goes to the Government coffers, then that is fraud against the people and the Buhari Government needs to be reminded about that.

Fight against corruption doesn’t only mean stopping people stealing from the Government, it also includes stopping the Government from appropriating the people’s money!

Yes ke!

That $5.2 billion belongs to the long suffering customers of MTN and should be returned to them through direct means of drastically reducing tariffs, supervised improvement in services and compulsory free recharge cards to registered customers.

Giving millions to D’banj or Daddy Showkey is not part of the deal o.

That is their own tòrò.

Mazi abe idris © copyrights reserved 2015


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