mazi abe’s side: TERRORISM – Saddam & Gaddafi: Should the West have killed them?

Gaddafi Saddam Hussein

TERRORISM: Saddam & Gaddafi.


Yes, they were brutal dictators, but they understood the dynamics of their people and the Islamic religion.

Any hints of extremism were bayoneted into moderation.

There were no fanatics to disturb the peace of the World.

The only Islamic flash points were from the Palestinians who were more of Freedom fighters, though the West labelled them terrorists.

Al Qaeda did not start out as a terrorist group. They were just a resistant group formed to join the Mujahideen in kicking the Russians out of Afghanistan – supported, encouraged and armed by the Americans !

They became a terrorist group when the Americans abandoned them and they felt bitter and betrayed.

George Bush and Tony Blair had no legitimate reason to go into Iraq and kill Saddam. There was no Al Qaeda or Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq when the Western Alliance invaded.

Gaddafi Saddam Hussein

But they concocted a reason, invaded, killed Saddam, installed a puppet Government and tried to rule by proxy.

They tried to rule a people they did not understand or the dynamics of how to control or rule them.

They left a power vacuum.

Initially Al Qaeda filled the vacuum, but gradually the home grown Resistance took over and grew in strength as they regained territory, chasing the Americans out of Iraq and threatening the border Countries of Syria, Jordan and Kuwait etc.

That is how ISIL started.


The same situation played out when Gaddafi was killed during the Western sponsored Arab spring and invasion.

They left a power vacuum.

Since then, ISIL has grown from the flowing River Tigris and Euphrates of Iraq, across the deserts of Libya and Mali, through the Sambisa forests of Nigeria, Chad and Cameroon, blasting Russian airplanes over the pyramids of Egypt, till finally spilling gallons of blood on the streets of France.

While we quiver and shiver from fear and the biting cold on the streets of London, machine gun totting army commandos patrol the boulevards of Brussels, with Donald Trump clowning on CNN about tossing the poor Syrian refugees back over the borders.

Conclusion : if the West had not killed Saddam and Gaddafi, would we be where we are now ?

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