mazi abe’s side: this season of scandals – entertainment galore

mazi abe Buhari Nigerian politicians scandal

mazi abe Buhari Nigerian politicians scandal
For a common Satire Humorist like myself, Mazi abe, the past few months have been harvest times. I have never had so much content and material thrown my way.

Oh my cup full and runneth over.

I really enjoy regaling my loyal readers with my mavericks and mad cap life but this shameless politicians are something else!

Even during the Christmas period when those wannabes tried to spice up the interlude with some Back to Back Lawma and baby snatching drama, I knew the main actors will soon return.

And behold, they have continued to deliver.

From chewing paper to handcuffing.

Rondo Rondo performing Yaba bustop “the more you look, the less you see” on Presidential Budget.

Àgbàyàs admitting 100 million Naira taxi fares, nkàn nkàn.

Etceteras etceteras.

♫melo melo lĂ  fĂ© wi, melo melo lĂ  fĂ© sĂł? ♫♫

Our politicians might be missing a screw or two up there o, but for entertainment value, kosi rival.

I am rushing to get filming rights for the film version. I am not sure whether to cast Idris Elba as Fayose or Metuh.

I will use local talent to play that Fayose boy that starred on Channels TV the other day.

Infact he can even play himself. He was brilliant as a true Fayose boy; foaming at the mouth, spit flying everywhere, eyes as red as odĂšrĂš koko bird.

He was even picking his nose on TV ( na only me see am sha o).

Marvellous !

Maybe he can get his Oga to sponsor my project sef. $37 million pere!

Anyway my people, the best is yet to come.

Coming soon : Dezianigate.

Get your popcorn.

Mazi abe idris © copyrights reserved 2016

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