Melania Trump: Chill people, can she & her Media aides be that dumb?

Melania Trump speech

So, after one speech, the internet gets awash with an avalanche of comments, a moth of memes, and a barrage of blog posts, calling out and mentioning Melania Trump; she was adjudged a ‘Michelle Obama speeçh plagiarist’

Melania Trump speech

But, calm down people, it’s not intended plagiarism, to me, it’s merely the magus of mosaic media management. It was meant to make us all talking about another Trump.

This post is not Pro-Trump nor Pro-Obama, rather, it’s simply Pro-CursoryLook.

We shouldn’t forget Trump’s trumpet tactics that quickly….

Y’all forgotten how Donald Trump actually got the GOP ticket?….be in the say at all cost, be it for the wrong or wrong-er reason? Y’all forgotten?

Melania Trump plagiarism

You really think media handlers would be that dumb and lazy to toothpick Michelle Obama‘s speech without the “maggi” of deliberateness and the intention for ratings?? Naaa, think again.

My tuppence – PR wears Prada…and heavy makeup!

Right now, almost every ear in the world has heard that a Melania Trump exists, there’s a Melania consciousness well planted with this move. Very soon, she’s gonna use that consciousness to sow fruits further into public awareness, and as they say, the rest is “ratings”!!!

The Trump guys know how to do this well, I can’t just believe they’d be so dumb to ignorantly plagiarize Michelle’s speech just for the sake of laziness….they were reaching, and they’ve reached!

And FYI, no one will be fired for this….that also confirms the intention, that there was a tune for the tone.

Well, for the hilarious memes (SEE HERE), for the volcano of comic relief this Melania-nic episode has given us all, for the traffic to websites and blogs, we are all winners, init?? #Haha

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  1. My thoughts exactly. All the hubla made me do more research on her. Discovered Bill and Hilary Clinton were at her wedding to Donald. And that her name even means black….. All because people wouldn’t leave plagiarism, that we all commit, alone for one person due to our racist nature…..

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