Met Gala 2019: The Mad, The Bad and The Best of the Red Carpet Fashion


Y’all, Met Gala 2019 came with a bang this year!

The Met Gala is the biggest night in celebrity fashion, where the stars try to outdo each other with bigger, badder, bolder fashion statements. The gala always takes place on the first Monday in May, and the theme this year was “Camp: Notes on Fashion.” and my people, this gala is not for small shudren. Tickets to the gala cost $35,000 each. A table goes for $275,000 to $300,000 so you have to be secure in yourself to drop that kind of bar to wear a wacky dress.

Now, luckily, everyone understood that camp did not mean camping, sleeping bags and baked beans in pans. These celebs came THROUGH. We have some of the best dressed of the night here to delight, thrill and shock you.

Let’s go!

Look, let’s start with the FABULOUSNESS! Billy Porter – Met Gala 2019. When I say this man came THROUGH as the High Priest of camp! He came in draped in gold, carried by six strong men on a velvet chaise longue. Just FABULOUS! 
And then he unfurled the wings! Y’all! The head piece, the gold boots, the sass and the attitude.
Cara Delevingne out here looking like a lollipop but I’m here for it. 
I will be the first to say that I am no Kim Kardashian fan but you see this Met Gala outfit this year? Fire. She’s like she emerged from a pool – all luscious, lush, wet and curves for days. If you’re going to buy a body, this is the body. She’s a full course meal out in these streets. 
And then her husband showed up like he was part of the security detail, complete with a mean face and a general air of not wanting to be there. I can’t with Kanye. 


Celine Dion at the Met Gala 2019. I don’t get it. I know I’m not meant to get it but why did our aunty come out looking like those 80s bead curtains | Getty Images
Ciara levelled UP! She brought the ‘Coming to America’ heat and she wore the heck out of that afro. Met Gala 2019 | Getty Images
Donatella Versace – Met Gala 2019
Gabriel Union and hubster Dwayne Wade giving us hoodie chic at the Met Gala 2019
What in the Inception is going on here?? Ezra Miller making my head swim with the bug eyes and giving me waist envy with the diamond droplet cincher over the pin striped suit | Film Magic
Gigi Hadid – Met Gala 2019 – Getty Images
Hailey Bieber – Met Gala 2019 – Getty Images
Gwyneth Paltrow matter dey tire me. How? Where? Whattapun? How, sway?? Did she NOT get the theme? Was it “Come in your grandma’s cotton nightie”?  – Met Gala 2019 | Getty Images
It’s not Harry Styles’ black chiffon blouse  that gave me cause for pause; half of being camp is in sheer, light fabric. It’s the trousers coming up right under his titties and the the indolent stance. I dunno – it didn’t work for me. Met Gala 2019 – Getty Images
Idris Elba and his new bride Sabrina Dhowre couldn’t exactly be referred to as camp but they looked sublime all the same – Getty Images
Jamie McCarthy: I was going to holla “Yum!”and then I saw his right hand resting oh so casually…well. Yum. Getty Images
Monochrome queen, the unbelievably gorgeous melanin queen Janelle Monae went for a touch of colour for this year’s Met Gala 2019 – FilmMagic
I’m not going to lie, I am not familiar with Janet Mock or any of her work but I just had to add her to this collection. The skin, the hair, the overlay of feathers on silver metal. She is undoubtedly one of my favourite. Just beautiful – Met Gala 2019 | Getty Images
Jared Leto is a perennial favourite when it comes to weird and wacky and he didn’t disappoint. “White Jesus” came through in some papal ensemble, holding a wax figure of his own head. I love it! Getty Images
Jennifer Lopez, fresh from sucking the blood of vestal virgins (or how else would you explain the eternal youthfulness??) was a vision of loveliness in a blinding outfit that NEARLY shone as brightly as her major rock from her engagement to A-Rod. Peep the toned thigh and the perky boobage. The woman is fire. 
I do not know this bredrin, but Jordan Roth killed this theme dead. This is camp on a whole new level. Sit next to him if you want to, but watch your eyes! Getty Images
Kacey Musgraves nailed the Barbie look to a tee. Took me right back to my childhood. Getty Images


My absolute favourite! She came with the right attitude, the theme, and a smile on her face all through. Even when she changed into a burger! Katy Perry for the win! 
Kendall Jenner | Getty Images
Kylie Jenner | Getty Images
And then someone did this. Someone who has no intention of making heaven, obviously! Zendaya as Cinderella and the Jenner sisters as…um… other Disney characters. 
Lady Gaga at the Met Gala 2019. Just enough weird, just enough loveliness. 
And then, Lady Gaga, naked at the Met Gala 2019. All the weird. Getty Images
Lupita Nyong’o: part peacock, part Nubian queen, 100% gorgeous.
This guy. This guy! <3 Michael B. Jordan | Getty Images
Miley Cyrus | Getty Images
Naomi Campbell is like “You people can wear gas cylinder on your heads if you like. I’m coming through like the supermodel that I am.” Getty Images
Nicki Minaj – Getty Images
Priyanka Chopra 
Why does Regina Hall look like a Naija tailor had hand in this matter? Not just had hand but didn’t finish the cloth on time and just had to put something together hurriedly? Three different fabric types and A BEE? Hian. Getty Images
Regina King: flawless. Regal. Beautiful. Queen. Met Gala 2019 | Getty Images
Serena Williams – Getty Images
Tracee Ellis Ross – Getty Images


I don’t know who mama dis, but I’m here for her fun spirit and her beautiful headtie. And you know mama has some boiled sweets and Mentholatum in that her handbag. She didn’t come here to play with you small children. Bethann Hardison – FilmMagic

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