MUST WATCH: Adekola Ademuyiwa the ‘Human Wikipedia’ will wow you beyond words!


It was an evening that succeeded a busy day in early February, 2017. I was waiting at the mechanic’s workshop in Bodija, Ibadan to pick up my car. Enter this man with some “current affairs” pamphlets in his hand; he wanted to market them to us. My tired mind mused, “If only this guy knew I don’t have time for Abia-Umuahia right now!”
Well, little did I know how mind-blown I’d be 9 minutes later! Adekola Ademuyiwa is a wow-er!

The endearing dexterity, the comical candour, and the unassuming precision with which this man spit bars of facts and figures about Nigeria, Nigerian states, and the world!  This Human Wikipedia got me reeling in varying emotions. I laughed hard. I open mouth, I close am. Then I wondered, cussed a bit then got shocked.  I took out my phone and filmed on, and I wondered again. How does this kind of man end up hawking knowledge on the streets? Just how?

That day he met me at Bodija junction, he had trekked down from Challenge in Ibadan, some multiple miles, and it actually showed on him, appearing knackered. Yet, like Dory to Nemo, he ‘kept on swimming ‘ in the sea of facts, figures and fun.

I gave him some money, didn’t give him highfalutin promises, but I told him he had a promising prospect to shine beyond basking in sun and rain to educate and entertain people on the streets of Naija for free or to earn crumbs.

A widower with 3 kids at that.

Adekola Ademuyiwa, our Walking Wikipedia man, is a man in his early 40s.  He lost his wife 5 years ago, and has since being the sole provider and carer for their 3 kids. He’s an Ibadan native, and that probably explains the easily comical style to his craft. Haha.

I told him I’d talk with my partner at Viva Naija Corp; that we’d come up with a plan to manage his talent to better fruition. My friends, this is what I did as soon as I got home. We didn’t just want to put the video I recorded out there and generate transient buzz that could fetch him praises and few monies, but no longevity.

So, I was happy to see what Timothy Oluseye did with him on Friday, uploading a shorter version of Adekola’s talent on Facebook to rave reviews! I was happy because it coincided with the particular breakthrough we had for him – we had secured a 10-minute weekly stint for him at Radio Nigeria’s Premier FM in Ibadan! We’re bringing his craft and skills to you, the people!

Now, this is another video where this Walking Wikipedia is seen not just talking facts and figures alone, but, also waxing lyrical about some phone “hacks” and codes. E funny die! You gotta watch till the end.

Well, he’s out here now, ready to take a quantum leap, calls have been pouring in, ideas have been brewing from home and abroad, and we are open to all of it. His talent is indisputable. Like you too dear viewer, we’ve got good hopes for him.


Biko, watch the video, enjoy and share jare.

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