My Name Is Victor C. Ibeh and I am a Feminist.


I am a Feminist
I advocate for gender equality
People should be treated on merit not gender superiority.


Equal Rights

What is sauce for the goose should also be given to the gander
Nobody should be forced into moulds designed by society
I stand for the abolishment of gender roles except those that are naturally designed; like procreation.

I also know that the only place where a man has been given headship over a woman is in the family setting. Your father is not the head of your wife. He deserves respect from her but not to the point of subservience.
This said headship is just for leadership sake
A Woman is to permit a Man to lead her and care for her effectively.
In this regards, you can’t lead a woman when you have no idea of what leadership is.


My grouse on this issue is that some bad eggs have also infiltrated the Feminists Camp.
Just like every other ideology, there are good and bad team members.
Feminism is equality not reversed inequality
If as a lady you seek to lord it over men through Feminism
You seek to project your bitterness against men, as though all men were the same
You want to turn your husband to a slave
You seek to become a serial adulterer
You seek to live wantonly and carelessly
You seek to undermine and destroy the marriage institution
You seek to recruit ladies for lesbianism
If as a man you seek easy access to a lot of women for fleshly gratification
And so many other things, please note that you are in the wrong place.


The tenets of Feminism does not in any way make provision for such interests.
If You are hiding under the umbrella of Feminism to pursue these interest, settle it in your mind that you are sabotaging our efforts
We seek a balanced society.
I have never been an advocate of indiscipline. Feminism is too honourable a cause for anyone to mess with.

© Copyright, Victor Ibeh 2015

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