My view on the Davido vs Sophie Momodu baby mama drama by Jolayemi Babajide Kygold


Let me share my view on Davido and the abduction saga:

Personally, I don’t understand why guys have medium-term sexual relationships with ladies they can’t marry or associate with in public. I understand if you know all you want from a gal is sex and after the sex,you pick up an excuse to break up.

But when you date for a year or more, every excuse you bring up will be watery.

What’s the point exactly? If I feel a lady is too low to bear a kid for me, I’d rather not have sex with her at all. If I should have sex with her, I’d protect myself. If at last, I couldn’t prevent it, if she becomes pregnant for me, I’d have a rethink and consider marrying her. If I can’t marry her, we’d have a plan on how to engage in bringing up the baby and I’d abide by the agreement so I won’t become a subject of scandals.

The same Davido who was bragging about his love for Sophia on Instagram is coming out to say she’s too low for his status, she’s physically diminished, she’s this and that but he didn’t consider these factors while they were dating and catching the fun.


He became conscious of those things suddenly abiiiii? Oga, whatever you won’t eat, don’t taste it at all, don’t even smell it. It’s simple.  

Trying to separate the 7 month old Imade from her mother without her consent is a gaffe. The woman already knows she’s a baby mama, its not like she’s expecting you to marry her so if you are tactful enough, you can actually convince her to let go of the baby but not so early. At least after a year, you can introduce the idea and seal the deal with money (my thinking here).

Speaking of money, one also has to talk about Sophia and perhaps her greed here. She’s using the baby to tie Davido down, earning 300k per month and seems hella bitter because she didn’t get a Mercedez jeep and the Dubai ticket.

I only pity this baby girl who will grow up to know the drama surrounding her childhood in the long run.
Baba Mamas come with drama, a lot of it. And if one is not discrete about it, you’ll wash your dirty linen in public and people who aren’t as wise as you are will start advising you, lol!

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