“If na dollar, mallam can’t change it o!” – Alhaji Tekno hits us with Where [LISTEN]


tekno miles
I am a recent convert to Tekno Miles‘ movement- Duro is my jam of jams (“You’re the mother of my two babies, and if you like we make am tiri baby” – na smallie dey sing am, but the day man tell me dat kain word, I must to carry belle for am, Selah).

Wash is also bae. “Other girls, dem do me left, girl you do me right,” he isn’t blessed with the lyrics of Fela or the musical composition of an orchestra, but the young man sure can sing a catchy tune.

So, I was totally hyped when I heard he had a new single. I was on a train going for a perfectly boring meeting but actually set my alarm to remind me to listen to it before going to sleep.

Well, I have to say it didn’t hit me with the same ferocity that Duro did; it sounds like the producers feel like they’ve hit on a winning formula and tried to duplicate it. The same rapid fire beat, the same tone and cadence – it was Duro or Wash, only it wasn’t.

Saying that though, some of the lyrics are fantastically Nigerian like the line in the title and my other favourite:
“Where your mama dey o
Where your papa dey
Where your sister dey
Where your brother dey?”
No other line of questioning says to a girl that a man is coming to ask for your hand in marriage than when he asks for the whereabouts of your entire family. It is romance, Naija style.

Selebobo the producer also did really well with the strains of highlife and traditional Igbo sounds filtering through the 21st century polish.

Perhaps this may be a slow burner after all, but it’s not bad at all at first listen.

What do you think?

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