You need to stop advertising if you really want to sell!


A lot of people ask me questions about selling and getting more traction on their blog. Everyone is looking for that juju that attracts click-throughs. If I told you there have been days we had close to 200 visits on my group blog, would it be hard to believe? My personal blog has days that it has up to a hundred visits and I have thousands…fine, a whole lot of people, random strangers who message me that someone told them about me. The beautiful thing about selling or reaching an audience is not the thousand views or visits you get but that one person that buys into your offers.

I’ve never got any traction or client results by advertising. I remember those times I used to shout on my wall, “I am a writer! I can do this for you, I can do that for you!”

Let’s just say I was using the local food hawker’s mentality: they just keep shouting and shouting and hoping someone will respond. Can you imagine the amount of energy an hawker spends shouting?

Now compare that with what a restaurant does. They find a good position, they paint the right picture of who they are and what they do, then people start talking about them.

Would you rather be a street hawker or a posh restaurant?  Yes, I thought as much. So stop advertising!

Stop sharing links randomly, stop tagging people endlessly, stop begging people to like or share your posts. Stop joining groups just because you want to share your adverts, stop being a local champion. Learn to position yourself!

There are a lot of resources on authority blogging, a lot on digital marketing but one major lesson a lot of them will not teach you is this “stop advertising and start being the solution to a problem.”

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