New UK mobile phone laws while driving are so complicated – just off your phone abeg!


Although there have been mobile phone laws in the UK guiding the use of phones while driving, they just got a whole lot stricter. Now, it’s like if you even glance at your phone, you’re in trouble! And the laws extend ot sat-navs and PDAs too. Oh boy e, na to leave the phone for house o! Imagine sleeping inside cell because your mum calls you to remind you to pick up some milk on the way home!

If you haven’t seen them before, here are the new laws:

6 points and £200 fine for using a mobile whilst driving from 1st March 2017

  • Keep your mobile in a craddle or glove box.
  • You cant touch the phone if it’s in a cradle, even if you stop at lights and even if you’re parked up with the engine on.
  • If you want to use the sat nav on a mobile or plug the charger in, you must set it up before keys are in the ignition and don’t touch it once engine is on.
  • You can’t scroll for tracks on your mobile while driving so have your playlist set up before entering the car.
  • If you work for Uber or similar, you can’t touch the phone when the engine is on. So you can’t accept work while you’re on the move (not sure how this would work).
  • Mobile can only be used if you’re parked up safely with engine off and keys out of ignition (Wireless keys – engine off).
  • Death by dangerous driving is now life imprisonment; no longer 14 years.
  • You can use a mobile via built in-car technology like Bluetooth. However, if you do have a collision, it could go against you.
  • You cannot use headphones while driving.
  • The loud speaker feature on your phone is also not allowed.
  • You cannot move your phone while the engine is on.
  • If you call someone and they are driving, hang up.
  • If you are an employer and you force your staff to use a phone, it could result in imprisonment for you, large fines, and your company being suspended from operation.

As you can see, perhaps you’d better not throw away your Oyster cards just yet. Yes, driving while distracted is dangerous, but this is also extreme.


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  1. If ur phone rings while driving d reasonable/wise thing 2 do is find a convenient place 2 park b4 answering or calling back as d case may b, common sense if u ask me

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