New video for ‘Oga Titus’ by D’Prince ft Don Jazzy and…Okon?


The new video for D’Prince’s  addictive song ‘Oga Titus‘ is out and even though it hasn’t been a week, the Mavin Music Magic is alive and well as it has racked up more than 55,000 views.

I have to say – I really like the highlife ones going on underground, and we all know that Don Jazzy is something of an alchemist – mixing bits of things that shouldn’t go together and coming out with pure gold – but I can’t say the song set me on fire.

(Audio here; YouTube video below)

What was even weirder – all of the original artwork seems to have Mr Ibu on it, but Okon (Imeh Bishop Umoh) starred as Oga Titus.

Ooh! Also, we got to see Don Jazzy reprise the role of Judge Jazzy. When I tell you people that this man is Jazzy by name, jazzman by nature, you thought I was joking. You whip up a furore about Judge Jazzy and then you release a song? He was born to be a don, no doubt.

Anyway, here’s the audio link for those of you who can’t sit and stare at a screen right now, and below is the YouTube video for proper giggles. Okon, as usual, is not well!

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