NEW VIDEO: Tiwa Savage Rewind


The Mavin songbird is finna draw out every last inch of mileage from the Red Album, and who could blame her? It would now seem that the album was created in the midst of extreme inner turmoil and sometimes this makes for the most amazing music. Just ask Adele. Or Amy Winehouse. Or Billie Holiday. The video for Tiwa Savage Rewind is out now, and while I was aware of this the second it dropped, I just didn’t write a review because I was left feeling…meh.

The hits on the album have been released earlier on in the year and now it feels like we’re nearing the bottom of the barrel. The song itself is not bad. It’s also not great. It is no ear worm, but it does feel like a slow burner; like one that will grow on me the more I hear it.

Clarence Shot It

Certainly, the first couple of times, the video made it easier to get through till the point that the audio on its own was just fine. Perfectly shot by Clarence Peters (seriously, is he the only music videographer in Nigeria? He’s ubiquitous!), it is reminiscent of everything I love about Tiwa’s past hit Without My Heart. It is abstract, while being evocative at the same time.

Some say that the video does not suit the song and they might be right. But Clarence is doing something amazing with Nigerian music videos – he’s making them a work of art in their own right. We no longer have videos where the singers are merely acting out the lyrics of the song. We have craftsmanship and superior work.


Anyway, let’s know what you think. It looks like a good progression for Tiwa Savage to us, but hey, pop your thoughts below:


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