Nigeria did not deserve any medals in these Olympics!

©Forbes|Rio 2016 Olmpics Gold Medal

Nigeria in the Olympics have suffered a painful blow of leaving with no medals. But our lack of medals in these 2016 Rio Olympics is totally deserved. What the nation has invested in sports facilities or in training athletes over the last 20 years is laughable.

We are like the man who gives his wife N200 to cook for a week, and expects Oha soup, edikaikong, efo riro, groundnut stew, egusi, all served with steaming hot iyan or delicious eba. Is it any surprise if he get tomato and pepper flavoured water, with limp spinach plucked from the garden?

We have not invested in our athletes. We don’t have world class facilities for them to train in. We don’t have world class coaches to train them. We don’t have structured programmes that identify talented kids who can be guided via training and sports scholarships. But still we constantly expect miracles.

I wrote about this in 2012 (when Nigeria won ZERO medals at the London Olympics), and again I am writing along the same lines.

In serious nations, preparations for the next Olympics games begin almost immediately after the current Olympics end. Sporting facilities are built and/or upgraded. Coaches are sent on courses. New equipment is provided. Athletes begin training and preparing for competition.

If we want to win real medals in 2020, the work needs to begin now. Dead wood in the Ministry who have been there for decades need to be cleared out. Investment in facilities, equipment, coaching etc must start now.

And the corporate sector needs to get involved. Most nations do not pay their athletes. Athletes often fund their daily living and equipment from their own pockets or sponsorship. Corporate sponsors are needed to fund our up and coming athletes. Barclays Premiership League, anyone? Vodafone, Natwest and Investec have all sponsored English rugby at some point or the other.

Dalung has been in office for nine months. Expecting him to turn round poor training, lacklustre coaching, unmotivated athletes and crumbling facilities within that time period is unrealistic. He inherited no foundation of preparation. However, he must work on getting the nation ready for the 2020 Olympics. If that job is beyond his capabilities, then he should resign or be fired.

The nation needs a Sports Minister with steely cojones and the gritty determination to do the hard work needed. ~ Bucky 2016

** I have edited the post to reflect that Nigeria also won no medals at the 2012 Olympics as many peeps seem to have forgotten how deep/and long the rot is.

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  1. Viva naija una talk am well. We should learn from poor nations like Kenya, Zimbawawe, Uganda and even crises ridden Egypt who have atleast gotten a bronze medal each. We should pick leasson from thr Chinese gymnast, as young as 9, 10, 11 years of age representing their country in such a global competition. We keep going back to the drawing board and picking no lessons, no strategies. How many Nigerian athletes are flying the Bahrain national colors, have we asked ourselves why do we keep losing our athletes to other nations. This is the worst outing for Nigeria in the olympics, imagine fielding jux one weight lifter and expecting her to do her best with her blood, imagine even the embarassment we suffered @ d opening ceremony. The list of embarassment is jux endless. There is need for massive restructuring of the sports sector in dis country, lest we forget it is the only unifying factor and also a major economy booster. Letz learn our lessons well and correct our mistakes fast.

  2. This oyinbo people, no be today dia sense start. They just took all their hobbies and arranged them as Olympic sports. As in, what am I seeing? Water polo, Dancing horses, Fencing etc. Then they invite us knowing our sense never pass football and 100m.
    So we are just there to watch them carry 30, 60 gold medals while we are battling for 2.
    We should organise a protest o. We must boycott this future Olympic games except they introduce wood, stone and palm kernel medals or until they add more afrocentric sports like…
    – Eba swallowing competition
    – Ludo
    – Fashion and make up
    – Ten-ten
    – Molue-jumping
    – fence-flying
    – okada race
    – Spending money
    – gele-tying
    – Beating traffic light
    – Baba ijebu
    – Draft
    – Crossing express way
    – Jumping queue
    – Tapping palm wine
    – setting trap for bushmeat
    – Suwe
    – Fastest garri fryer
    – kodi
    – Lis
    – bojiboji
    – How to survive a week with N200
    – Sugarcane chewing
    – Rock climbing without ropes and hooks.
    – Catching of loose local chickens
    – Bone crushing
    – Fish head eating in hot miango pepper
    – Sack race
    – Tapping Honey without head cover.
    – Walking with tray of oranges on your head hands free.
    With these games…we will be hitting 25 gold in first 3 days I bet you…shikena

  3. Nigerians have been warned not to return without medals. We’re going to have medals. I believe it. We are a godbelieving country. With God nothing is impossible. If God can do it for America, UK. France or even little African countries like Ethiopia, Kenya and South Africa why not Nigeria – the giant of Africa?
    If we can’t get them honestly, we will steal them – medal is medal.

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